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Ar HÖ37 


Ccf!j^fonu*ic£ - c^sr r Ma>~ ; io -nv> 



J. a. Jsffe 

38, Atherton Close 
Shurd ingtcn 
Gl 51 5 SB 


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Loewenberg, 

29th April 80. 

I have to thank you for our letter? of 
March 30th and April 24th 1980. It is kind of you 
to help me. 1 wrote to Mrs. Anita Oettinger and 
Mrs. futh Oettinger immediately, the latter has 
unfortunately not yet answered which means that 

Ernst Oettintrer's descendants are tne 

only ones 

left of whom I h*ve insufficient informati 



you told me th-.t ''rs.huth Oettinger moved to Brook- 
line recently, you may be able to see to it Chat she 
replies or Rive her a hand, as you very kindly aid 
with Mrs. Anita Oettiftgsr. I only asked nrs. Anita 
the most necessary questions, did not mention the 
Fritz Oettinger family tragedy at all for feai that 
it might upset her. i-oor leay. „he apparently suffers 

from despression and does not se 

em to get any enjoy- 

ment of life through her son and grandchildren either 
x t is not necessary for me to write to h<=r *g"in, 
but if you ever hear the maider.nare cf 'Giovanna" 
und her aate and place of birth, nibease let me . 

»tea Martin Paul a 

ay children with Ms seccnc vife? 

sometimes you call him Martin Paul and sometimes 
Paul fiartin. which is right? Where is Waüsrode? I 
wrote Germany, but never heard of it. You gave it 
as Claere oeckels birthplace. - Mrs. huth Oettinger 
has to answer more questions, 1 sent her the rele- 
vant page 19 of my pedigree where a number of aates 
are missing, starting with ürnst Oee. and Erna i>evy . 
che will heve to c=irry on up to the present day. My 

e for the Storks is also rather sketchy. I am 
well informed about Frits and iotte sad fcheii chil- 
dren, if I [ et a satisfactory answer from huth 
Oettinger, j- really succeeded in tracing the des- 
cendants of Heimar, N.Osttingsrs 10 children. 
1 sent i'irs.Schapiro another remeinder ind haa her 
reply this morning, öha seems unable to answer my 
few questions, concerning her next-of-kin, but 1 he 
answered some of them. 1 cannot get an answer 1 rom 
her, concerning the names and dates of the husbands 
of her two granddaughters Einda and Karen. Karen 
seems to be divorced. This time Mrs.Schapiro ives 
me the names of the husbands as Nussbaum and Deutsch 
but says ?he does not know their first name3 nor 

their dates. 

■hey can <=he not find out? Where do 

these granddaughters (children of Ellen There: e) 
live? it is my policy to get all the information 
which is comparatively easily available, as there 
sadly remain unavoidable gaps through the holocaust. 
In case you knew anything about Linda and Parens 

husbands, please tell me. It is no use me writer., 
to Mrs. richapiro again. 

My worst problem, concerning youi riede of 
tb_e family, are still the dsssendanta of Fanny Bruehl 
nee Jaffs. I think I asked you before, but you could 
only give me information from memory. 1 oc not know 
Fanny's exact date of death, oiegmunds dates, nothing 
of ivaul truehl and very little of the -ßrats. Who was 
the older brother, Franz or Emil? Eelieve it or not, 





/5 2o 

Frit» Olli.», tr- b 'bcj,/-.')« ic, oy /y& 

»*> «»rric 





wAcM (L*Ht) o< h 


O ~l J. i 



'93$- A.j «Hj/3, c*,</, r ./ £,»,,/ 1 

öcAvt /j ö ^ ^ 



A. 03) >?'.</. 


ft" H *f iff 




- 2. 

'3-'Vv-e<_ t> »^"»-v-^~V — 



/^v/^-<_ &*^^M^ 

May 6th, 1980 
Dear Miee Jaffe, 

Let me answer you in a hurry your letter of 
April 29th. He will te moving around Jhly lrst (35 Vernon St. 
apt. 405, Erookllne, Ma. 021^6) and you can imagine that we 
are busy. 

Futh Oettinger's letter;you must have gotten m»an- 

Anita's son's name; Martin Paul. He has no children Nl 
with his second wife. 

Vtal erode is near Hahnover. 

The granddaughters of Dora Echapiro, Linda and Karen, 
are her son' e(loalter) children. He was divorced from his wife 
p/c^ok who moved at that time to Ultf will » and married again. I 

guess Dora ha6 little or no contact with her ex-daughter-in- 
law, therefore the omissions. 

I remember that ny mother had the Intention of going 
to Eerlln for Siegmund Eruehl's 100th birthday, KM that must 
have been 1930 or 31. He died one or 2 years later. 

The Eratts (with 2 T) changed their spelling in thlf 
country to Eraht.. I believe that Franz was the older of the 
2 brothers. Margot CordeE certainly knows moBtjof that family 
from the time she as well as they lived in Eerlln. 
^^ No sense to look for Herman van Cleef's name In 

^^ the directory - I wonder whether he ever had a phone under 
his name. (He was the black^heep in the family). I assume 
that he 1b no longer alive. He was married and had one daugh- 

Ey the way: could you ever establlsha relationship be- 
tween our Jaffes and yours? 

I a.rjjlad for you that you are now approaching the end 
of your giant task. 

Y.ith greetings from house to house from both of 


yours , 


c^iy4-(_ s£~> 

try, n. f./J« v t **>*— 

an . (-: 






MIee J.E. Jaffe 
38 Atherton Close 
Cheltenham/Gloe . 
Gl 51 5 SB 


(21 Second fold 


Additional message area 

Do not use tap* or stickers to seal — No enclosures permitted 
-* — (7) Fold first at notches — *•• 

J.ü.Jaffe id, Atberton Close 

jIü id- ton 
GL >1 5 üß 
23rd May 1979- 

Mrs. Margarete Loewenberg 
180 Winchester street 
'J .S.A. 

near iiif .Loaweab« i «, 

your cousin rir. Herbert Kruskal, London, has nlven me your 
aaure4s. in introduce myself: 1 nm Johanna Lva Jaffe (diss), # 
bojt- 21.10.1899 in Posen and a cousin of tba late Or.Pichard Jaffe, 
Berengo, owltzerland with whom you exchanged letters, T e. Jaffe 
pedigree, in 1962. My cousin died in September oi the ^ame year, 
and I am carrying on lis work. 

Kncloeed you will find a copy of my rettised version of your 
family tree, as wel] as a photocopy of the oripinal "Peaigree III", 
printed in the J.t. of 19U1 or. which my research is based and 
appendixes I, II and III. As I sent copies to al] those descendants 
of "Pedigree III" I managed to trace, I should like .vou to have a 
cocy, too. May be your children and grandchildren will be interested 
to know more about their pedigree. On the other hand, you may be 
better informed than 1 myself who does not belong to the same family. 
In tcis case, I should te most grateful, if you passed on your know- 
ledge to me. 

In any case, you can help me by letting me know the following 
details fox your nearest family, i.e. your parents Joseph 
and his wife kecha, nee hau, your brother Herbert N.Oettinger, his 
wife Betti, nee bttinghausen and their children hllinor and half, 
yourself, your busbaod, jour } sons, their wives, their children, 
resp. grandchildren. Please for each person, whether male or female: 

Pull name, including middle name(s) 

Date and Place of 
Date and Pl^ce of 
Wife's Maiaenname 
Ds>te and Place of 
Date ana Place oi 


'.sife's Birth 

Do you know anytning about crust Bruehl and belma Brat, nee Bruehl 
and their aescer.dants? 

All your information will be included in my next typevritten 
version of the same family tree. It is impossible to accommodate 
so many aescencants on one sheet of paper. 

In your correspondence with my cousin Dr.hichard J. you mention 
that you have many unidentified photographs. Perhaps herbert Kruskal, 
Heinz N.Oettinger in Isiael ox I could help you, if you cared to 
send photocopies? 

Looking forward to hearing from you soon, 

Yours sincerely, 

i? enclosures. 

f>K. ft? 

,y 22c 

3 5 At44i-t- 6 -n C"s<l 

6 c r/ tr sß 


(2) Second (old 


Additional message area 





<Jiy 2?, 'fgo 




/tvf - O-KA 

"Ä Ariel (fif/i CWt*'-!«- 

fu. cc< ■vrot An. jLunA. 

&~&4 O* H-'yutf*. ä/ml-po*- Aa*{ 



/<« c^v*'. 

? OUr-k *t"/Lt o^t^hJu ouuiaLii'.^ß t/tat jtw *tt««^/;W«^' 



^U i'-U O **■! 

'■y , -/^(f Mtrf-j,^,, 


&Lu~ . 

<0f i«««i / tfiti a^.c^c Z*e/tsf Zc/u_ et OA 

*T 4«Vt t-XJ O&.'mÄ ylLu 

t" *-t-' # sUAA-Ut Sfc. 

4*4 C WH 


<A Apt. ¥o5" 


r+xo n 


^Hi**"» t*s JU+, 

i~ln>Hli),4_ 7y)/\ oLI t-C 

m'k/>/~xy *L M^ *a«*^ *vU. 


* M.'i^L / A*U«y. sutler 


4M*xJ-i /-%£/ tsch 


, s 1* «, ij 34 



Ernst Lutwin Loewenberg 
m. Margarete Oettlnger 

»*"•: c •/ # m j 'S>S) Tc/är.S 

Prank Meyer Loewenberg 
m. Adeline Subar ■]-•«• v 


Jfrafh tu 



, v*lrr< c •/ 

L Yehuda "Loewenberg' -A-"'!* "/»■ 
nl Loewenberg «j, <v w Ip« *•■•■■>■ , 

V".t d 

2Jakob Rainer Loewenberg /| 
m. Tamar Oil*. /^,r 2, '*-?■> 
Pchi'T'is-i,!"--''/ i 

3 Jörn Joseph Loewenberg . 
m.Eetty Binder^ fy/7 J,... 

a Joel 
A«v».*b Naomi 

n<vj,i,,7.. v m. Michael Baum J ct "'<•.'* i'i . 

Octr^hC Chain Nosh Loewenbergz^ 2 r " ij K , c £ 
AllsaBlchel Loewenberg! L.iv,, 

a Yael Tim hi nl i fi in am "" | M 
b Shlra Loewenberg ^^t^, 
c Orll Loewenberg 

a David Zev Loewenberg »"* Xi 4tJÄ| 
b Benjamin Seth Loewenbergru, «, o» ' 


MI IV ßis»> «irf.M 1»^ 20 tili- /Vcv y« 



/ L b 

« r ^ Oct. 5/96.1 4j/f, 

»e« »,;c 

5U.»i L ' 5c^/. II /SC* ^'/«J«,^,. i/, 


f)f>r,j iL) 'TlJ h,)"-l»Ku v, 

Erookllne, Ma. 
June lwth, 19.9. 

Dear Mies Jaffe, 

Yes, I remember when In 1962 I answered an 
add In the "Aufbau" inquiring about the family of Prof. Philip 
Jaffe - that was the beginning of our relationship , so-to- 
speak. I referred then to Herbert Kruskal who has many more 
detallB than I and I know from him that from thattlme on you 
were In touch with him. 

As you see from the enclosed slip my husband tried 
his hand on a family tree of the Loewenberge and so you find 
this branch of the family together with the added Information 
you wanted. 

The family pictures you mentioned I have no longer, | 
they must have been cousins and uncles and aunts of my parentB 
I threw them out before we moved from Groton since nobody up 
to that point could help me with ldentlf icafion. 
V.hat I know about the Buehle is this: 
Slegmund (not Siegfried) survived his wife and must have 
died around 193Q» more tr^an 100 years old. His son ErnBt 
never married. His daughter Selma Brat had 2 sons, Emll and 
Franz, who both emigrated to America in the Hltier-times. 
Franz remained single while his brother married late In life. 
As far as I know he had no children. 

My father Joseph Oettlnger was Lorn Aug. 4, 1963, Hbg, 

died may 19, 1929, Hbg. 
My mother, nee Rau, born April 10, 1872, Fuerth, Eava- 

rla, died Dec. 5th, 195^» Groton, Ma. 
My brother Herbert N., b. Jan. 19, 1896, Hamburg, 

gaseed In Auschwitz. Oct. 1944. 
His wife Betty, b. Febr. 14, 1907, Frankfurt/Ma4n 

gassed in Auschwitz, Oc' .1944 
Their daughter Elinor, b.Sept. 8, 1929, Hamburg 

gassed In Auschwitz, Oct 1944J 
Their son Ralph Joseph, b. Sept. 10, 1933, Amsterdam 

gassed In Auschwitz Oct. 194* 

My brothergot Married Nov. 27, 1928ln Frankfurt. /Main 

Looking over your family tree (for which I thank you very muct 
I find a few blanks which I might be able to fill, f.l. the fa- 
mily of my uncle Ernst Oettlnger. If you want them I will send 
them later, may be with a continuation of the next branch since 
we »xpect to become great-grandparents at summer 1 6 end. 

With all good wishes for your personal well-being 
and the successful conclusion of your giant undertaking 

sincerely yours, 

Ernst L. Loewenberg 


Jt,UvL tj 'ffo 


XAA~ ^lC\f>n 


&r-c£>H !>'".«. StVIA O 2.1 *C 

fk.%.fÄ^ ■«■€> /*.&.*<} -ts-r*. - An.^*cZ*Ztv **<^- 




c -u* 

*-C£ ^-Ou^if' *-*4 sou* p%~t*;i.u tn<. - <*^U *3tZH 

«"-^ ^ *ULutTsvu-cs<. Kvha- fro A£< • 'f' (A.Am £»/»*«A 

^«t. 3 &ic0t £o *tc ^iH^-cäii 


\Ot*su*. jixt.e LomaJ Uf — {Hl 4k. s%*iuiA. r\/UA.A,6CtA. -^c-a^: 

V 1 




V CA/M/Miir 4.<a^»«<.övt, L*U>U<A, •%<**** K>Z/k/$,tWt*<3L*i 

oc 0um>( 




4/\ ft At**» «t* 4 <k^-&. Aui««.«/;!/«^^ 

^li a**Ch~c c/ 6^^„ /Wx /W.**/* ,'„ ATuaU^ 


£&***-'•£* 6hcc± — 

<K ff*rt^+.tx. 



•V&Ustji CCr4-*^ 


ncut' £3U«+t cfrt-c. 


/l ? £"<*%>■ llr* 5tTct- / ATc+zfork^ü 

'^f ( V <*«"*-* ) 

too 4/ 

/^ «z.* *^ a,a o^aoma «(^ ««v *wwr z,/^ 

%-Ctr *_ c^, 

■*<-*«»- /itf„ 


'**"? ~ '¥ %■<"* ***** '^ *0V»l lx^,. /* 




}"* 1 <-<■* /W A U h*Um 

W. "«.*4 < *r*^<< 

££-/»«< £,!/< 

<« ~* ot^rf*.^ t,^ nL(h/U ^ 


i*«v», * * 

IpjUu^C - f 

&*. FkAtraUi, 

•v-kw^ 4,4 i^^. 

fv^-^A. ft^*«^, 





4. Ät 

*« "*^p~i- 

F^Z ^US^4* ^ ^ ^^. 

-tyz^s <U~C 

t&r £^a^At.6- t _ 



V '^ i, - 4A ^'^ ^"c/i 


*■**<.££. C^Ur.. 



-f-e-f 4**cm. £<<t-< Sy yJUL+i - oJU. <ukx.*L 

i*/u£ * 

«-K- *U 


*>X*SH*C &I 



9U ? 


t •/<, 

4*w»£ IffV^Vi- **v£". 


M^otvtU Apia MotA. <d 






v^x. <?3, 'ffo 

ß^cu Xm -A//& 

/-uyi *jr /4Ät£vt+ >•*£ -^oo /c Ost«, A o Op6)U< **~ £~c> H.<*W 

jC**oU - 4a* & fa 


"*<* o-üU<t 


tn* aw*c 

nt-i'jU rrtm. I f u * t ~ A* -4>u-U.t4\ A'.t*i-hmAi*t*{ Ha n*c 4w - 





■Uu- OtA/C /it 

'f** ! 


<y£ 4a-U+*a jO&fi A-t-tfa* <^>'u/-^y 

4f.(H4A. *t/* 



t /jOiaK- /-Ciaa- sHjlOSI £Z-<. 


4-Co &&.£■ $u<S CUo«H&ro*L A«- *^ ***- £aa>ti***<*- &* 
l/A./>t,t <L nab'.jutcc - jha-t acl+O rrftAAir *_ r> l*rf*< t~ jJirC-, 

Au.äu*jf A**jU**sbo*, 




&~c <ia**u. h*k 


4. tuJri.'LtjC fiiKo^d«*. .*, tzv ft? nuio/yim 

« ^UA^UC Wu tMU^Uot* £° &U- 





*4l ÜU 

O l't? *.OIU'jl?\ 

J***hLf< - At^A, A*U«.A'tH4 &U 





■J Aritl a{ h^r-t /^u<j>( 

>^t^a^c loLa^h-Ao 



+~t J S*h*( yo«. chc vn^fi-ju,^ 






rough copy, but 
Rabbi Mordecbai 
you please read 
omissions. When 

J - £ " j8ffe 38, Atherton Close 

Gl J>1 5 SB 

Mrs. Margarete Loewenteig 1.10.1979. 

180 Winchester Street 

Brookline/Mass. 0214-6 


Dear "rs .Loewenberg, 

Many thanks for your letter of 10th June 1979. As >ou can see 
from the enclosed^ pages 1 have used the information you have" 
;se 6 pa^es, concerning your own family, are only a 
they will snow you what the final version of the 
Jaffe family tree will look like eventually. Will 
the rough copy carefully and correct errors and 
. you have done so, please return it to me. Also 
correct spelling mistakes; the excerpt from your husband's pedigree 
nth your own handwritten additions has been a little difficult to 
read, is your husband s miqdLe name really "Lutwin" or is it a 
typing mistake and should'*38£-»I I udwi R "? Please the marriage date 
and place for Joseph Oettinger and Recha Hau. Did your father and 

S ; mL^r mld v^ n rr ? Betty ^tinghausen's middle name? Your 
own miadle name? No details available for your sister Puth Oettin-erV 
"loale narre? Date and *lace of Birth and Death? Ellinor Oettin^er's 
miadle name? - Tamar Gil: is "Gil" the middle name or the surname? 

I » L mi «? le n ! rae ' then P lease Tamar's maidenneme. - Middle name 
of Betty Binder* 

Please add ell the middlenames, 1 just notice that they are 
missing for almost all the persons . See Adeline, Marilyn, Naomi, 
nichael, etc. Of course, they may not have any, but, on the whole, 
middle names are very revealing on family trees. So it is important 
to mention them. 

fnr J" to the numbers in front of the names, please disregard them 

III Vtl £"?„ e i n ß'- 2,1,3,1 - ^ n front of Joseph 0. means that he is 
the 1st child of ^itd child (Emga Oettinper, nee Jaffe) oftftiirst 
child Ulias Jaffe) of the 2nd child ( Marcus Jaffe) of Elias Meier 
dalle of Lissa. I cannot po farther back with the numbering, because 
there are no aetes available, kith the help of the numbers one can 
und the descendants and rheir relationships more easily and also 
see at a fiance to which veneration they belong. Unfortunately, the 
numbers on this rough copy are incorrect, because, since 1 typed it 
1 discovered that your greatgrandfather Elias Jaffe must have had 
two wives and that j rof. Philip was the son of a first marriage. 
Pauline Berlak was Philip's stepmother and her daughters Clara, 
Emma (your grandmother) and Fanny were Philip's stepsisters. 1 also 
discovered That Philip had another sister, called Ernestine r who 
was married to a "Perl" with whom she had two sons Leopold and Fritz. 
1 have not yet found out:a)Who was Philip's mother? b)*as Ernestine 
Perl, nee Jaffe, the daughter of Philip's motner or the daughter 
of Pauline Berlak, second wife of Elias Jaffe*?" 

As you can see, thorough research often creates new proolems- 
Oert^inly toe existence of a sister Ernestine changes the numbering, 
.your grandmother JMnma would be £ 4. and not 3- Sorry to bother you 
with these details which probably bore you, 1 was carried away by 
the riddles I have to solve. 

*es, please /frs. Loewenberg, fill in as many blanks on my 
il.y tree as you can. 1 should be most grateful. Any iniormat- 
lon is welcome. I do not. know nearly enough of your father's 
brothers and sisters ana their descendants, especially Clara 
Martin, Ernst, Martha aau hegina. Appendix 1 wt icn I sent .you 
in ZäfiX May 7S wlth,jt other documents is the work of heinz N. 
Oettinger, Israel^eeds improving badly. 

Lookinr forward to nearing from you e?,ain and the return 
of the £ papes with your corrections, J- remain with best wishes 

i ours sincerely, 


. Please do not fordet to add the new arrival you were 
expcctinr at summer's end it the i rif le ;l'ice. 

:a ior v*h t you told me about bruehl, resp.Brat 
in your June letter. I corrected my May version of your 
family tree accordingly. But, of course, I would need more 
accurate information on Fanny's descendants to make a good _ 
O ob of them ir the way 1 have done your own branch. On the^ 
whole, I am quite satisfied with the success of the May 
version wh9ch 1 sent to all the descendants whose addresses 
are known to me. 1 made a few new contacts who, hopefully, 
will continue to co-operate. Since JJay, 1 nave added so many 
findings to the version ± sent you that 1 had new photostatic 
coi ies made of it, dated September 1979- It is my aim to 
keep your family tree up-Fo-äsftVIll the time in case anything 
happened to me and 1 would be prevented to finish the work. 
I will be eighty this month. Terrible thought. 

Enclosure: 1 rouph copy (£ pages) 

Margarete Loewenberg 

Brcokllne, Ka. 
November 7th, 1979 

Dear Kiss Jaffe, 

Before I start answering you-' letter let me first 
wish you belatedly all the beet on acct. of you epeclaüjblrthday . 
Since we have no secrets concerning our age you know that my husband 
and I are truly your contempralT*a*B. 

Now let me come to your "Family tree". 
Concerning middle names I added the one of Naomi. Whether my slBter- 
ln-law Eetty had one I do not know and I cannot a6k any one since 
her parentB as well af her sister died In the holocaust and her on» 
surviving brother passed away a few month6 ago. Our daughter-in-law 
Tamar has not answered so far and I let you know as soon as she ans- 
wers. Gil, by the way, Is her maiden name. I did not quite know 
what to add to the names of our other 2 daughters-in-law. Adeline 
wae given a middle name - Helen - but she never used It and after 
Frank and his family settled In Israel 8 years ago Adeline changed 
officially her name to Chaya. Betty was given the middle name 
Louise, but she dropped It whn she got married and has now changed 
her name to Betty Binder L.A1] other persone have np middle names 
and my husband's Is correct, Lutwln,. 

Naomi and Kike Baum had their daughter on August 17th, named 

It was certainly a surprise to me that my ancestor EllaB Jaffd 
was married twice, I havejnever heard of that before. Also thejexlst- 
ance of another daughter, Ernestine, was news to me. I wonder whethi 
father's sister, Herbert Kruskal s mother^ was named after her. 
You asked about my father's brothers Martin and Lrnst 
and his sisters Martha and Feglna.May be that the family calendar 
I enclose helps you. My father published them from 1900 each year 
and after his death my husband did It - they go up to 1932. Of thle 
•Jear 1£29 I have several copies, so I don't need It back. If you 
need more Information let me know. About Martha her oldest daughter 
Margot Cordes (1918 Segurola 

1638 Vicente Lopez 
Prov. de Euenod Aires, Argentine) 
could give you the best Information and about Regina her son 
Manfred Vanson (notice the different spelling he uses now) 
59 Valley Drive 
tondon N.W. 9-9J 
Information about the other two I could supply to the beet of my k 7 
knowledge since no children are left. 

Do you know that Heinz Oettinger's wife Fanja, died this 
fall arouftd Posh Hashanah? I don't know the exact date. 


I hope I have answered all you questlone and helped you. 
I wl6h yoduccess in your tracing and remain with greetings from 
house to house 

Yours , 

/{C^U/^^J-^ ^~<k~j-<^£^j / 

J«». J-£ Jaffa 


5 <6 cu-oii'+Lstirt* 




(2) Second fold 



Additional message area 

^vu Uh, . J*flc. 


»hfa A*/c±4- /*** & WA>'t 


a. tc^u. a.<*t cu <&*, 


*£&»<- aJi ^OcJjUU i^&t*^ <™ <***$£&' 

._ Zw 


Ot*v.0ifi- *Ji*lZ UA 

ä£ 9 r A&- A*- x <w.iote£i- '***'<*< 



Jb<s tLK*~ aAi^Cn AAw. 



OKC .It**«/ 



A^C /H.<^- &*■ 


,t trc 








*6>l6- lUCttaJl Auttt/tn . (slfy A4.tUt*&A- av4u*.0LS*.&t*- 

<.t.Yi &■ T>+o <^0>6^ A\*6i.l«i vf aim, fa-*' 


tl^ A,ni}i. 

Aaz* hr&A*uJ- A****-'- diet*' /' iLtrsffiuA. ifac Jkmu- 4f>ou*.t>t 




MvrUuU^I/! /^Jj 

. . J f f e , ton olo e 

h'it iington 
Cbel tenhan/Gloe. 
GL yi 5 B 
tnpland 1e.«i.19ö0. 

bear Mr . v. '"'rs. Loewenbcrg, 

ks for .your letters of No». 7th, reo» .aov. 11th 1979 
ana the welcome information. I air a Bused at t.r.<? "zweibeinig en Uiuck- 
fehler .' X also want to than* you for your birthday wishes. 

ii le letter is a cry for help. I have rt.'irted typing the final 
version of your peoieree, though there renaln still many ^aps to 
fill. Lut time is rutinini' out, ir.d I do not want to fell into the 
trap some of my preuece:=sor s did, who passed away before writing down 
their findings, ^n cue other hand, i am a perfectionist and want my 
documents to oe as accurate as possible. I am aw re of the responsi- 
bility of a cnronolo The errors ptick and are repeated throu 
I'eneratiuns. 1 suffer myself from this state oi Bffail 

lnank you for ei »e tie calendar for 19c<; . *t is 
a help; Herbert Kruskal seat r,e a vor.y , oor co: y oi tie 19^2 one, but 
trie coloui "red" Joes not show on „hococo, ies, o 1 >iad a job to find 
out which are the oirtnuates. Thank .>ou for correcting my i oui h 
cof.V of the riarrarete Oettinper pipes. Ver.y few correction;--. 1 wonder 

you only put after your sifter's euch neae her date and alace of 
LirthV uo vom not know whac happeoed lo rei or ceo .you > ivp me more 
details« Please lot me know. Josephs Children v.ill oe on p. 11 of my 
final vor ion; this morning: I tyr.ed p. 9 with Bll tie children of ft 

Oettin cr nee Jaffe 
to luth. 

>o i 

navo only 7 more pages to type until i come 

1 in in crouule over the feaily Bruehl-Brat. iou told me in 
your last letter all .you know ai,out the Bruenls ana tr.pir deicend 

, file 1 adaed a orotner "Paul Bruenl" to r-rntt , Lut 

cannot remember who told me about a third chila, celled Paul« d 

n you 

get bobs more information for me from somebody atout tip Bruhelv 

J brats, faeinz. ~ .Oettinfer ii. Irrael doer not know anu Herbert 
Kruska] is also no help. fc& I am üutp that he has most of tie mat« 
tut he lis to-j busy vitt other things to find it ar^on- t i m.-jty pap< i 

lease, please anything you know snout yo 

cr s 

brothej " tin und ernst and theii descendants. Could .you tt.l me l., 

writlni iu Hertbi t ami btei Ifargot Corc'e- Li j entinl it 

of my self 7 No u.-e if i write, she ven't i ..-.;. Manfred Van son x :ent 

f; que tionnuire . 

ccnceininp hie nest-of-4cin, in i 1879, but 

Btill no reply fiom biB. 1 sent tin a reraindei last month, still no 
ly, ± BB oinr to v>rite to hitr, again to-morrow, if he joes not 
er my questions concern Lnae desc< soon, x vill be 

stuck. - «Lout Clara v»n Cleefs descendants x si also r.ot aufficieotl, 
informcu. x think tt.ere is only one surviving son faerman, living in 
Nev lork (,he »ay b< .;eau by new). Do you know anything of bl 
descendants? - ßeit-eit Kruskale sirlfi Dora chapiro to I wrote 
! i teener «no wbo had ;roiniseo me in formet ion 1 ust »be I 

met tier at ntitut, Kruskal's let 

own, .ir.o bas r.ot. yet lilleu in 

- 1 - 

i sLbi Hordechai Jaffe ("i-ewusb") 

b.atout 1>i0 in Prague 
a. '/.;■ 1t>12 " i üS*p 

Meier Jaffe (18tb century) 

as fie i 3r J-ifle of Litsa (i rovioz tosen) 


d. 1810 

R,;1. fieier clias Jaffe (called biaself kdward Meyer) 

jie bad a eon Franz lbeoJor Robert Meyer (.Berlin) 

L.2. Marcus Mias Jaffe 

fc.11. >.17b4 in 

4.11. \ .1ö42 " I chwersene 

m.Mirel Lipschitz 

b. 1773 in 

d. 1ö47 " 

r descend nte see p. 

B. 3« Lewin lia^ lt«««rd) Jaffe 

b.>. 6.1773 in Lise« 
4. 1 -. " .erlin 


1 tf.i 


f attic 


CM If. 

in Hi 

od , 

elf oi 

■-. tr 

eafj for 
tt c 

re^l i?e 
arsons v 
e Oettin 

ell Lnfo 
rl *] 

tiier 1 s 
La i !. 
er ' 
ire, re a 

in to-ronow. 
all of th . or 

r.i.t day, no Jiff 
r- vork it ir 
f.o -jnae . '. 

. i.e. Btbsl alt on 
int« 7 i • 

. it fci Destine ' 
al and heinz N.Oettin 
ha 1 evei ■ et hsrbei 
rt U| theo :elves! 
i Lten verj nic< 
thoroughness. H 

to vrite 
it eo 
t-of-kio i) 
nk tr.t./ ao not 
e on l.v 
iti of Jul i 
eve:. Bent 
i ougb nerbe 
J- v, or-., j 
i 'i. ji'in. J-ne 

Heinz ü 
tu a ] ct 1'j 
rjak 1 tal ik . 

set myself • 

. j de . ore 
' icn 

d l i or the iel 
.lit »men t it 

t 1 1 eight. 

i. if el Instinct ivi ly th) ... tl ppreciat :•,.•. crk ' ich is 
at comfort. 

in last ■ on ti 

i o i ill in 
icOt |ueationa at all. 

fox me. 
o bj request, fire the 
and her nei.hew niles 
i, 1« '.'t t... La late 

j Di . oritz aesen- 
■sr, thounr. it took me 
...ia- ? kG xand- 

and '.'ivs that he 

iü wife uieu on 12»9'79- 

dl jl that I 

st not ivc: :i . 
ic tank. 

taculai findings, concernir tee ors, 

I "lly cor. ' ir m< d i ^ i r l y recently. 

o u l-ck i>.t( the pi I i *c extract Litr of 

uct.-i t living. J- ahal] > t m i on mj Buccessea 

_. , fcttti to dwell on my ipilures in s 1 t 

t Late a 

ioui ! , 



1 l r i. Lscoven I • rof.Philipi Jaffe Bister 

tine U:.' studying Pbilipp's letl je) i react 

e yo i did and thought that j ■ : er' 

»■a "im . . * not so sure, be< - t: -t 

re was also a . I Li a in Heia ann hoa Oetti i ' Ly. 

ie a- rlaks son yoi •■■ i Bee for yc i 
.". lo'jk . i ■■ J ^' Ltie I sent you, on wbicl l-auline's 
. is correct. Philip i iin 1<_1'?I Alise/, 

" i beei the first to doI ice l 

-. - -• L 


'mJTji, uurrj ajorj 

cuueq ^anB.-sxra ou apem 1 •a'.'atis-r.tu a a^aw "xa-dfi 


Ca or c a i 

„ AWaC!«*«**"*«^ 

■YfA CK AS J Aft» NA^HK UlIAv JA#ff£ (.«">/« V 6L1 A* TA.»-«:«. 

»V*» *irf»«t «.•'»»i* nr,«j( 

""«A 1 « 

uovr.O User S/.'flt'''"'*FrJ 

'Jfii\ fAfft 


— *<* rj" i-*-\ 

»-trj E 1 ""» 7. 

■I • f» MIM 


a ^ 4 A d ISf* a ifly 


»- -•. k>r- 


_ ^M-ö— . 

C- '«It 

_ ^; i iy 
ja,** T-wt jAr/x- 7t\t,-t j,m*t 

t ...... r fiiAAttr t-Vw»*' (itAff fvn«.. 

rf..'S5* •* **■ <*" J. (9.9 ^ (CI- 

(.AtnM ■*•■•• YfA 

_.y ."^„V 

fa Aste 

■ > hen »^a -,■. '"i 

(#•-»;#* *rr h<jMti*t (feTIAfiCa. 

f^*«,' «A/V,F KAMUcO 

A»»lTAH/" i'm^li ;...,(,til FHAAT E>J:i- 
V'A'A/« ' 

6 <H POM« v s&v «HAT a^,r 

r — 

* '4* 










run ■' 



Or^'^TA/lJ of,-** ». . 
J-*-«T!. .T>rV* 

» ii «at j i. 

CA». / 




<[\A»I>-.TI g/> 

:«J lAWlMjiCfc U»i • 
•~M • ■ » '-"is"», ^Tr rr.A 

,^'t,'A*s' ; ;,i 

,.*■».. i ^ t «, 

On Af« 

.iVAIP£ MAtO'Ctt/e^ hAifVKfiTA 

.fc.tUt t- v 


■Vit TOAA Mhwiuj hoa / r*«> 


5kS *' 






...... :,._... ... ., 

A *" v * * * " 

_L _L : 



l«Af'M ^ 1* 

_LJ i 




-,i '.A JLU'iC 



KA»7X " 


^ *^, 


* .f.l 





•^aV Ci>A 





r. ., 


'<* " 


Zrcokllne, I-.a. 
March 17th, 1980. 

Dear MIse Jaffe, 

Vie had teen away In Florida for A weeks and wben we 
returned our children from Israel came to visit us. In another 2 weeks| 
we are off to Milwaukee where we will Epend PeEsach with our Eon. 
So I tetter hurry to answer your letter. 

I Juet wrote to Margot Cordes and I amsure she will answer 
you. I will call tomorrow my coue*inFuth Cettlnger, daughter-in-law 
of Ernst, the omly one still alive of that generation. She Juetmovedl 
from N.Y. to Erookllne; so it might take a short while tefore she is| 
settled and ready tögive you all the inf ormationatout Ernst's des- 
cendants. The same holds true for another cousin, daughter-in-law 
of Martin (also the only one alive of that generation^; Ehe Juet re- 
turned to N.Y. after a 2 months' absence. I asked my sister Futh 
who is single and liveB in N.Y.) to prod Dora Schaplro to answer 
you, but I have no Idea whether she was successful. Manfred Vansonl 
is probably frightfully busy right now. He winds up hl6 work before 

^^r retires Ehortly (he Just got an O.E.E.) and prepares his move to 

^Rrael that will occur during the summer. 

It is correct th«t the rruehls had 3 children, Ernst, Faul 
and Selma (I don't remember the order). Ernst remained Bingle, Paul 
married and had one or 2 children. Selma married Mr. Eratt (I h^ave 
forgotten his firet name. ). They had 2 Eons, Franz and Emll.One of 
them got mariied and had, I believe, 2 children. They emigrated to 
Arkansas and moved later to St. Louis, Missouri. I lost touch with 
them. My aunt Clara vanfcleef had 2 Sons: Franz, born July 8th 1891,1 
killed in action In VW lfsept. 3rd 1916. . The 2nd, Hermann Noa, born| 
July 10th 1893, went as a young man to America, married and had one 
daughter. I doubt whether he Is still alive. Clara's husband left 
her before the second child was born. 

r.o you know that Miriam Cohn, Heinz Oettlnger's sister 
lost her husband Werner a few months ago? He was run over by a car. 
This for/your record. 

ty the way, my father's sister, Herbert Kruskal's 
mother, was called Ernestine, not Erna. 

I hope you get still all the missing information 

•o that your hard work: is crownde* with success. 
With greetings from house to house 

yours , 

^°* l***>~ftd-'&Ki«t- M«*c ijvt*. h art.S*«3 ah *~ /At~~' 6f tree t«~c '««ä M< ■* 

h*<i**0Uk^ü£ n zt. , fit. 0Ln.(-,<.r-'>c,-<'6e. ( ^* */cov A«« Uc4**a. *«*'*, 
{**+** Wfc^ o^. Joffi., ^ln^f-ty fi^Wtfa tticr/ti^ 

X^c^u-acC^ -te^C 


A^^C^nioi^^ *f*-j£aaU~ oj. 

■L&Uati^oal £"}( -•»-< J-J^-'O 

'-'OH* I'Uit-.t C^t 

(ju<f~y t i 

V : 

rr _ 

£- crvt^'. 




&-a&t i^-'^c ir*~- r *- s ^"-^-* 




its** J. £. 3* 


•if A 6i£.~ Se-isi £~S<?sa 




CjL S"/ J~* 8 


2) Second (old 

Ernst L. Loewenberg 
180 Winchester Street 
Brookline, Mass. 02146 




Additional message area 

tfkjU^kcf - 1& 0c 


■i^} A^iJL 

£c .^l^cOC AffrjL tic A/£> QtXcUtineA , 

7lw i, ^Uaa. bl 


Cu. -/'•*>• Xa~s-. tZt ZoiC-jU*. «"- •> tie*- . 



SXx. Oi^tJ}L "Si /»/in«- /)***. trfiStti — Mi^tr^/j. fa A^ru ^sZutiHtVjt 
t tajik U*4*ctr'i t , H*JU,- Uj_6 <aa-c<J)u<s\ vtfvt (V&o*U ■ fo tcf-^ft. 



Ku£k.OjM:'--i^^-' tU-oiauLfU 

r^zf u* (cm 0£ ^W- &*"*-#■ 


*^l/-C Quis* A*A_ 0<Sr~ 0-u 

Ä/-***. »,/pc 

^maa. J&" loSje: 

U ' 

6ttJ„ Atta*. -v> <r**rttuJ- ^<z./-n+s A^.-:. Je^^^^u. - 
J .£ou>t -H.t&^^u* t»o !**&■ ^//*^«v^fc^«X^fcf. Tit. <^£ &.'i CU*£ ucS 

4*fit <L 





4ULnv-c+ tri »4- J ****-<} L*ot & 'k. O.k. *i«tf. 



X **</ 

: ~1 

A*-c *-UL 

cj<u»At. tU /»**<*> OS, ^U Hißt- ££■*&*<**- wo- tU^ ?+<*<*. , 

yl&^u/U^r hf-JU „4Ü ^AtL^^ib. 

<n <ll 

/wi. C^c 

&*£&*j %*h\ 


J. A — "6.C H-if eu AW- istitc •/*"*> flM y0n**f - VO*m Hr&eii uxZl. 4U+/+J 

/« Ul, $JtM.*JJvudt. (f it> - /^ 

3«" f /"« ww. 3*<* «* Ä. ^fej«!,'»^/ 


4-« £A Ot^A 

l4-e jLculoL 

tt^hot *1*. 




V»*l IA< 

*-* +14, 

'$*-{<"* <^>*K*^_ 9 


*./U4e<,h Vi/tmfac 




/ ®* JAru^^jtt^ 



• w 



j«*»"»f {*ru*~&Zt ilH)t 


'»*•*. a^ Xa^ >^ 



'ml'imjti - 


^" ^0«< *V <**(- ju,, .j „ r 



•■*•■** *Äi*/it£flsc» 














































^ Ju^m. Uw'f^ a^ k+^_ t^u«^ *rf*f-i *u,fr* 

Ji0u* til Hibr-w z" 3 ' kt)P\ 

- u 





&»*■ tum/- CtcOuÄ-kfaX, 

fov 7ä^.V VJ/tf/M*"*«" 'fa. 


/ v**t-yhjj- S-oMi^n /? fas i f<t-/ 

I vom» erf Tluit.i^c^i- J*v£/^/f</l, 



4 * r U - 6 l4« *> M*««£rn.«& 






£*•*$! l (.UF«Fi»iJEkG 
IS tffKMON ST »PT «Ob 
•MOO«L(f<t' H* 0114b 


(2) Second told 



J}/ a* 




W 1 

izj i<i / So 


— Z<? C - <W£ i*£i»c <*<, h*.«*t -büw. MH4A. c^Ct^yr. /k./-*v^_ 

M«K_ <£, UHVHU OAkUuU***'- DUWL ;6-M -ÜU*. **'«, *MC4k. *u Hu- 


teun*vt*l >^U. <k&Ua> v .y& ÖU, W. %.'* Xa^c «*<>4r 

yO^oC tt* COlu4i. . WL wi»U yuu. m. X,^< x 


j,Ay^ Ar«,fi 



ArtOOKLIUE HA 0114b 

Miss Johanna E.Jaff£ 


38, Atherton Close 


GL 51 5 SB 


Additional message area 

(2) Second fold 



Ernst L -oewenberg 

35 Vernon St., apt. 405 

Brookline,MA 02146 

Dear Miss Jaffe", 

April 8,1981 

we Just returned from a trip to Israel-it Is 
always exciting to see the country again in Its struggle for 
survival- with new buildings going up everywhere .We celebrated 
the wedding of a granddaughter-the new grandson- in law 
is a young Yem4nite,a very fine boy .Thus, we can report an 
addition to your work, the Jaffe family: 

p. 66 

Y E. 2. 1.4. 1.2. 1.4 Alisa Rachel Loewenberg Mi 

b. 16.I.1961 In Detrolt^Tch. 

m. Yigal Salamon on 24.3.1981 in Givat Shmuel 

b.15.3. 1951 in Gan Yavne, Israel. 1 / 

* . . . It is always a pleasure to give good news. We hope 
p that you will enjoy the spring. It is always heartwarming to see t] 
new green coming up. 

With warmest gxsxg regards from Grete and me 


a member of the Aallminn-Alikum Gotz-Vvolff Caro-Simon «ronthal 
lanily. According to Arthui A-rontbal she-was the aauerhter of 
beer^ great-grandfather of Simon ^ronthal ' s great-arandf sther . 


m«t.prnal <rreat-crr»ndf a ther. According; to Moritz, Jaffe 
R ronthal was her ne&hew ^^ 



r *' 

1»V / 

Kiss J.E.Jaffe" 
38 Atherton Close 
Shur dingt on 
Cheltenham/Glos . 

GL 51 5 SB 




(D Second laid 







>e the U.S.A... vacation land of the world ! t 

Additional message area 

Ernst L.Loewenberg 
35 Vernon St, apt 405 
Brookline,MA 021^6 

May 25,1981 

Dear Miss Jaffe", 

we shall be at home In June- we are looking 
forward to the new revelations .We have always wondered why 
two children were called Ernst, and Ernestine resp. It was 
probably honoring the Ernestine you found out about. 
Still, not very imagifiajtive . 

We were very sorry to hear about your poor 
health- we hope that you can find a/>ongenial companion for 
your trip and that the change of climate will restore your 
well being. 

How right you are to look for someone who coulij 
continue your work and research. Your workis complete as of thl 
moment-how mpny started and never came as far as you. 
But unless there is one central address to receive all 
changes- and there must be interested parties to^eport them 
we have to accept that nothing htliman can be perfect. 
In 1952 the Peuchtwanger Family had a#-#B large family treä 
printed- full of mistakes and inaccuracies- and yet how 
often look we up to find out relationships. But here, too 
there was no place where to report changes. And you can 
imagine how many changes occur in 30 yej^arst (Grete's maternal 
grandmother was a Feuchtwanger) 

As to your questions :You are right, we have &i\ 
only one greatgranddaughter- her mother had a miscarriage 
in January-, Joel and Marilyn have not yet children .After 
finishing his PH.D. they moved to Israel- he is working 
In his fleld(Biochemistry) . 

Did Miss Sturman answer?I can imagine 
how eager you are to hear from her . 

, My sister-in-law Ruth will go to London 
for the wedding cffZ.2.1 .3 .1 .2.2.3. (Caroline Elton p. 64) 
in July. I am sure' that Miles will inform you. 

With all good wishes for a great trip 
and warmest regards from Grete and me 


15 VEKNON 31 »PT »Oi 
"«OOKLIflE MO Oil«!, 


Miss J.E.JafftS 
Hotel Villa Sprlca 
6950 Tesserete, Ticlno 


(2) Second fold 





Additional message area 

Brookline,MA Junell,i:8l 

Dear Miss Jaffa, 

Yesterday we received the copy of the second 
edition of the pedigree. How much work you put in again;' 
Most interesting that you found THE link between the two famillj 
It is really amazing how many Intermarriages of first cousins 
we find everywhere. I think that there has been a welcome 
change in the last generation. There is not the slightest con- 
nection between our family and the families of our three 
daughters-in-law. And certainly not in the case of our grand- 
daughter in Israel who married a Yemenite boy this Spring. 
I am sure that we reported that properly. I shall add on 
page 70 

E. 2. 1.4. 1,2. 1.4 Alisa Rachel Loewenberg 

b. 16. I.1961 in Detroit, Michigan 

m.Yigal Salamon on 14.3.1981 inGivat Shmuel 
b. 15.3.1957 inGan Yavne, Israel.) Israel 

1*11 add this to our copy. 

I read the pages you called our attention to with great 
interest. I admire again and agin your patience and tenacity. 
The Leo B a eck Institute will be happy when they receive such 
a diligent research. 

Your letter arrived a day later- we are delighted that 
you found such a good friend as your doctor as travel companion j 
It makes such a difference to have congenial company. We hope 
that yourstay in the lovely surrounding of a small Suiss town 
will soon restore your health completely. 

After your return from your trip we shall send you 
a small contribution to yout expenses which must have 
been considerable. 

The main thing now: enjoy the beauty and the 
fresh air. 

Mit allen guten Wünschen und herzlichen Grtissen 



'hAt&rCuJ* 1 

Seerttw OSS. A. . . vacation/and of the world! 


Kiss Johanna E, Jeffe" 
18, Atherton Close 

GL 51 SB 




Additional message area 

Dear Miss Jaffe", " wenig wohl"- das klint nicht gut. 

Hoffe tllch geht es Ihnen Inzwischen sehr viel besser. 

I am told that the weather/in England was quite good In 
the last week^Here It Is Fall. 

In ray 1981 edition of the family tree the entrance for 
Yigal Salamon is 100/2 correct. Should it have been my type- 
writer? I better repeat the entrance: 

E. 2. 1.4.1. 2. 1.4, Alisa Rachel Loewenberg 

b. l6.1. 196l in Detroit, Michigan 

m. Yigal Salamon on 24.3.1981 In Givat Shmue 
b. 15. 3. 1957 in Gan Yavne, Israel 

Although I type very slowly I prefer this time to make ibclear, 
I am/afraid that my poor handwriting is the cause of the differ« 
Yes, the name is SalAmon- we were told that the father came frc 
Yemen on the famous "Magic Carpet" when all Yemenite J ews were 
transfered by plane(on Eagle's Wings") to Israel. At that time, 
he did not yet have a family name- and chose the name Salamon 
Whether this "a" was an orthographic mistake -orlhearing mis- 
take of the immigration officer- we do not know. Family names 
are even in Western Jewry relatively of recent date- end of 
18 th/19 th century. The Hebr word for PEACE is- shalom-in 
ArabicTsalam'or 'salemi 

Y es, Grete's sister Ruth was in Lodon for the Elton wedding. [| 
She told us that Ethel Elton is in very poor shape- and she 
confirmed that Herbert Kruskal has aged a lot .You ask why 
they have so many children?Especially the young generation m 
* much more extreme than they elders- take the commandment 
"and be fruitful" literally. 

When we talked with Alisa about a cousin- 30 y.,not married-I 
said:"She still may have a couple of kids^'Ali^a said:"When 
ifam 30 y. we'll have 7 I"- We shall not be able to verify that| 
but she started- her first is expected end of February- 
her older sister in Cleveland hopes to have her seed baby 
a few weeks earlier. She is quite a girl- next Spring she 
also will get her PH.D. in Educational Psychology. She Just 
vi'siited with her 2 *s old girl- and the great grandparents 
enjoyed it- but they also were quite tired. 

Margot Cordes was quite envolved with her move. I did not hear 
from Christa Bruehl- Heinz Oettinger's eyes are very poor- 
he will not be able to answer .And Ethel's son David- an inter- 
national businessman is a very good son but has scarcely any 
family interests. This sounds alTTvery disappointing to 
you. Grete and I know only too well to remain without answer 
when we try to keep family connections alive. 
We are most fortunate that in our immedi?tJ# family there is 
excellent contact, but we all work on it. 

Let me once more thank you so much for your remarkable work- 
Our three boys ttfasure it as much as we. Grete Joins me 
in sending you ourtfarmejlst regards- we wish you good health 
above all 

Wie Immer Ihr 

Ftu yiu +U., iftu fvsvwy typ >-*.€ . Mcu^/^^^^f - 


GL SV r sß 


(2) Second fold 

See the U.S.A... vacation/and of the world! 

Additional message area 

Erooki ine, Ka. 
Fetr. 23th, 1982. 

Dear Kiss Jaf f e , 

Ve would have teen worried not to have heard 
from you for euch a long- time, If my cousin Ruth Oettinger had 
not told ue that ehe had teen In touch with you. Now we are gladl 
that you eent us the additional notes - many thanks. I hope It isl 
not an indication ofyou not feeling too well that we missed a per| 
sonal word. 

To keep you tUEy we have to report changes and addit- 
ions in our tranch of the famiy. 

Two of our grandchildren In Israel changed their names. 
ffeel Yehudah Loewenterg is now Yehudah Llvneh 
his wife Marilyn Loewenberg is Kalkah Llvneh 
hie trother Herbert Chalm Loew^enberg now Chalm Llvneh 

now comes the enjoyatle part. Within 12 days we be- 
came twice great-grandparents. 

In Cleveland Etan Aaron Eaum was torn to hie pare^ 
Mike and Naomi Eaum on Fetruary 10th, 1982. W 

In Natanja (Israel) Amittai Ealamon was born to hie 
parents Yigal and Allza £alamon on Fetruary 21ret 1982. (we 
have not heard whether this toy has a second name). 

The next addition (Yehudah 1 s and Kalkah' s taby) is 
due at the end of the summer. You can imagine how elated we are. 
even if we can't compete with/ the kruskals. 

I hope winter hrs not teen too harsh on you. After 
anpbarly start with a tang and a very cold January this month - 
usually the worst - has teen comparatively mild. Now with the 
days getting longer we can already look forward to spring - I 
can Imagine that you yearn for it. 

With all rood wishes from toth of us 


/fC^i/^^^ d^^t^J-^/ ^ 

&jy AajC *• *u«A./w^,; .-«*<vt n>-ivi4rur- H-tXk^ u-4a eU<^c.+- •'»u.uon.'tei. ■ (2»a nm - 

If. Vt —of^, )K ^ Alv , 4^ c^ • _ _. ^ _,, , . 

"* <**•■ o+» v^„„.- ^4^ +.^^4«, 04». y ^ ^ 

W*4A o4<*M 3*jffes 

Aft 4^ u 





h>t. ust. 


sU., £*H*y&""( CuA*,, /Uc<** ^^t^- 

&) *,<** Ck». s*+i- 6*cn*< 

tZt, tH-tJ-. M*- 


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i - /«i,* tu, %***«<: fou*-' 1 *, •** _/ !«*«-£ **>'Ci 

/ ^^ vt , to **.t **M F <Ut, "UM* ductus f~-'~ p,<u*M~l,**L '-'i <*4** 

J- L,*x*n- tt+^nt 3 tAl «*-r 



. .J-ffe 

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.v i - : - uce 

Cine. : 

work a 

ir g 1 


r ■ , 

I re of 

i ia 

I used to. 

tr- in. 

e as mucn ar poeaible ' coll«-, t tne New 

York L ie 

now- - , I feel I result of r :es 

o. , . ,1 ia f\ ■ c bllaai in privat . I coi DeOtJ 

I » an amusinp storv to tell. In March tnis ye«r 1 a few 

ir Lonuon. The pLar. look ttroop-r Klton'e late j 's 

rs (kept in unoLeneu iron canes in tne cellar. Cold 
lot of German ir^teri Id te unable to I 

of itr'ort^rce bi 'it'e^ ir 

■ ot to return to Cbeltan la I visite ..■it 
and £,dda &ruskal who have a number of inter- onv; 
oti era the ori^irJ3l lercer Prof. Phi fa ^te to : t ta. 
I ve ikej to Duy then from H. - ib«rt K^ em 
to ti^e LBl, L it he would not hear tffoit. He 1ü J one 

ov< i to him. Kre.Kruekal remained il nt, fo ir tb€ ecd 
I pinci.ed :he file witi the originals from the bookcase before her 

■ ' ' ere in die an i t I 

el frai ile. I tool«- them back to Cbeltenhai i teem 

photoco. ieu a od returned the originals to the Kruskal ia course. 

li.e Result: I Le to donate t LBI 125 letters oi PullJ 

• f e written to his • -<tner kilos and hi? ->. e b'.rlük 

betweeD 1642 and 1866. I ^lso bed collected ov ar al] 

tie biographies, obitu-ries, etc. I could find, I eent i 
LBI with the botoatsts of the letters. 

vi?e La to let -i- itute of t oice l b origi- 

nal ould not be handled, bit ir. ! lection 

of sorie kind. Mrs.KruPkal wrote be Ok that the;, will follow ice 

•". tie letters, etc. jous and 

. I Lng firm, 

aa i eoald not leave my ■ reciour o 

rted re y tree of t;.r C ffe 

from Po':e-. tc . ic re is no doubt 

are relted. !ile le^-rcir- ours, I traced a rrj^ber of people I 
be" j to my fa il . I nes, too. . no 

Jaffe, Berlin, Cherikei v.hc produced in hi' z. . 

Lanolin .^oap Marke Pfeil-i ad to-day. rlln- 

rlottenburg ia Darned aftei him, he v, r. 

1 bed in 1931. i the lbs 

survived tne Holocau-t. I - ' e 

assi co-e-ic t of. Dr, Carl my 

author, pub ieber - ir c oj of ., tbe 

Jtionee .:«). Hi.s n e n, hie notber 

i •« ffe. Be | a callej on me a ■• 

wor ; t. 

Iced jour li: t beck, *itl a feu 

'*■ y° u ' i + 4. v 

test t< - from 



- 14 - 

(con ' . 

itz Leo; old Porl (G 


1 on 6.12.1/67 

I Jon 

L^ntcd t 


:ontbal i # his 
vsii'r ..e, 





ü.«;. 1.^.1.1 . Elfrii ] 

d 1' 

b. '»6.11.187» ii i^e\lin (eir 
d. 16. •' / i- n ^onOpn 

/ . I ; ■ . \ i . . . 1 in 

/;.>'i'^ in b( ili\ 

■/no ante pee p. 

. . . .'i.;/ Katharina (jvrte) Per] eher 

1 in. (emi i l. Ato A 

a. • . . . ondon 


19 «ENNO* ST APT «0*» 
HrfQQ«LIfifc H» 0<M4b 



<^A, 7. ^^ 

C 6 <Z.t-jUi idout i Cj tot. 

Qu %t S~ i'<3 


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the U.S.A... vacation/and of the world! 






iitional message area 

t-ou*.)*/.*;**,:^, _ Co^, f , &~>ihK-ei. ecu*, „«_ „*. ^ ^^ „/i^, ^^ ■£ ^w^ 

'^it.'rtC U- /ms<^L~ 2w <&*•*>. Vi. £■ up*. 

*V }W*l u^- '~~U 










3 ^AchU«i. hbvir Qm* "trcd *f(H<* <UK)a& -bctl*. tfMty 21* 

at^Ant ,£ /fa y^ y^. 4 „^6^; <* ^ i ^ £i A;^^ ctfa«*i - 

outfit« jriH^ ib^a^vt *<* 7, fi*ct-foi*uUck<ui<«' - <*,■< <u"t-c**, 
CUi„ -fit»**; cm ^ ÄKdfrf ^ift*^/y tytut^ ffrl* K^tt, ou*( court* A -«-'4j o. 



Aai Uli* tUf-, ^ Am Ait,, a* *»AJW«^ **&& . cUaz/r/^ 

•i*t frit Ire 

hut >tr> J j , *Th«« ¥'*"*"*"*»* 

M. -4^^ j^^ **A~J+ ^7^ 

Ernst and .-.are arete Locwencerg 

September 1982 -Elul 5?42 

Trie Lcewentergfamlly Is growing. . .Frank ar.d Aflellne (now Melr and ChayaJ 
became grandparents three tlmeB this year. In Cleveland Eltan Baum was 
tern February loth. His cousin Amltal - Allza'e and Ylgal's firstborn - 
arrived February 21. et. Frank whom we met at the Brlth In Cleveland 
had to ruBh tack for Amltal 's. Joel and Marilyn (new Yehudah and Malka 
LIVNEH)who had moved to their own apartment In Rehovoth In spring got 
their Devorah Nehama on July 29th. 

Frank's younger son, Chaim Llvneh, and Aliza's husband Ylgal 
were called up at the start of the Lebanon war. They were In the Eekaa 
Valley. Their unite had heavy losses and had to withdraw. To cur sur- 
prise Chalm came In July to Boston. The last time he had teen In the 
U.S. was for Naomi's wedding In '75. The war experience has affected 
him deeply. Naomi got her PH.D. In Psychology from Eryn Mawr In De- 
cember and was appointed Visiting Profeetor at John Carroll University 
In Cleveland, what ar/accomplishment with a taby and a vivacious 3 year 
old daughter 1' 

Jakob's and Tamae's girls contlmue their education. Yael spent 
her Sophomore year in Jerusalem. She decided to stay In Israel for good 
Fight now she is visiting with her family in Milwaukee. Shira - Bccial^ 
ly quite active and a gocd student -is now a Junior at the Ida Crown 
School in Chicago, Crli in her last grade of the lower school. 

Joseph's and jetty's David finished his first year at Akita 
Academy. He ie taller than his father and excelled In Cross Country run 
nlng. Hie Bar Mitzvah was celetrated In May when the Loewenterg and 
Binder families as well as many friends united on a glorious weekend. % 
David conducted tne whole service. His brother Eenjy took over at the 
end - he, too, is growing up fast, charming and a natural sportsman. 
It is somehow strange to see our children ae middle-aged 
parents - hair getting whiter or even showing bald spots - - worrying 
about their grown-up children; or llk^ Adeline and Frank exhausted from 
totting care of sick Allza and the 8 weeks old boy, Loth down with meas- 
les. Cr coping with problems of adolescent children. . 'when Betty had 
to undergo a serious operation in July, followed Ly a trying treatment 
we felt helpless. *11 admire her courage . 

V,e, the old couple, i.i our 60ieth year of carriage are in 
relatively good snape, especially compared with many of our friends and 
relatives, tut we are and feel old. Byes, ears and memory are getting 
weaker and coxp^hension is slowing down. Nevertheless, we made many M 
trips, some under the most adverse weather conditions. We were twice In 
Milwaukee, 3 times in Philadelphia, 3 times in Cleveland, twice In Mew 
York(where we attended the Wedcing of Helen ^.ec':er-Untermann) . We spent 
10 Days 1 t Nantucket and one week at the ; ew Jersey shore with the ?hl- 
ladelphiane. After F-osh Hashanah we'll ro to Israel for a few weeks. 

Besides going to lectures, concerts, theater, j.useuins/and movies 
we had the great Joy of welcoming many guests: Futh, Anita, 3erda Cchs, 
Adeline, Tamar, Joel, Chaim, Joseph and David. It was a special pleasure 
to meet two "new" cousins: Dr. Eduardo Lowenterg. Mexico City (his 
grandmother Pegina was my father's oldest sister) ar.d a most enjoyable 
visit of pat ar.d fekka Sinervo with their little Aviva( Pat's great- 
grandfather was my uncle Ike, St. Joseph, Mo.) 

Another year passed. More than ever we hope for a year of 
peace aid we pray for a year^of good health. 


1) J ■?, 

v 0> 

^ Sk« w^^A?c «^^L vt*i>-fr^"3 

.vUl^V \. 

V ' ^ 'I 

4. 6,7, /?*"* '« ^h'CAfoTl, 

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tl.i t ft I f.i t OUc:~^ /*^U*.-U Ll/ATH 

IL. ^ultvM. WjJ>Qr*l) >> fiiti Iti-vuu- itf **t* /**.•* ttUvU. rv,u<<:o*ucoüs. scarify „ 1 ,«.,, 

***»**'** <f c*t e^f^tc _ foiävunA 

**<*Ui-, a?u*^£}i,- t 



^ cj^pj?^- «s . 

BPCSKLI« IU 021«6 

^* < £ J* fig 




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JiuaL ">, IjSZ 

*ac 4avc <to ^i^O^t-i. Ic* an* •*»■*+ *****< £*'*" <**" 
uAittUL Jim*- Ll^it oMümOa to &U £<*«;As tm ■&*? L**J.t-yi*A 

<*utf. tplvAtuA. « &** Map jUU-l Cy&. 6. litUi U.<tu L «huA* «J 
/^.4m<üi.wA Lettin tU* f <sOiU°L ix^ttf. i\$S 

/»♦KV* IJXZn o^ •&£/,/. J*fö- '- auU gou. *(rn. />e xctAt- •'** &.'*>V<jQ| 

Jit» .gl- U,*. I *"»**'"') 4^-%. 

^.ö £ & • i- ¥ 6 , i.i.i wjA AW /M 4* M \uL,m, '<ti -v 3 r 

/*-. OA^ w^ tf^ttu, tu^uiy, f ^ c^AW^ , } 


V-^a ^^ ^— UfrJ fyt^ l fe-~^ A* L ~- * 

L(<yiL ane c&diaJfa ^mrltecL to 
a, Jiecepti&i im fvunox of 
Xhe 60t£ ioeddvna amfiLYvwarai of 

Mofiqa/ioti 4 Svn^J: 



fiicrm. 2 Xo 5 -p.™., JAcuulS, 1993 

159 1 "GexLCortSuueet, 
-ßnookiLnc, MRr 


i36H XtbiiAfiOtcek Dn. 
PßiUaJtlphl* , PR 19/51 

fLttquuest yve> 



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-^V /— «^ r^-- -^w-Äv*. ** a^< ^ 


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4-f%t*<* «4w - ,6. f»UC;i^C 


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/\.}-**n/7 *** A*"V**H{ 


7 i^wUiA A~*t{*i<.A a*x.J*ti S-tirt'tltt -J- Joiw.iu fc*f-ry- 



1 £<*»«- <^«4»< w*v> -pMf -t^it-'tu - 


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4+a<*<JLu. ***l 

MO *1cC 

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•« ^V MU< cjh* 7-JuU^t 

*T«~« /«**•«* Ai.^,«^^ 


*~V~ fi,J*,y »^ ^ ^ 


"A .UC 

/Ul&icn.. J Oum 

R*u.h <i„ 

<J * u fUU*Au. l ni^(sl. 







Ernst L Loewenbero 


- *4* , ~ * "v~/ *- .1 1. 

"*f. P>-a^k fVI, loccuAi 



•Tt -So*««^ tfoi-k 



&** few* io* 


i i"<kU . 



J *n J^tZ-es:.^ 4. etil <• //• if- ^-y e 

^««. c«iv /i^t ä^^. ov* *^ev»£v„ t>f CU 

'<■ -f&tn^ ly Jfi^fn, 


""^''■"f"*/^. A*, w. 

v &tJL*£. &<H-~)/' " c^ 


■/>". <'• 




July 7, Iff $ 


M-LaiA Kfcl-h «* 


P-uf trUU,t i**t. A*ol (Jrut*. 

•{a&Ih litaA, /'<V<% -OUuiL eUt. CCl. Q-uU*(.ci~/(jUul*' 


Jl<U- 9u.S<u< y * 


nLl+elol^,* Jf 

*uA>'* I -f &«>~* 

^^tv^tou^ol - &cf*t 3/j/ev <u>*<st\*- üiUte dun* U&Os-( c f~ &*>/(*+ 


icutp-t A*n* 




<A iU e* 6'6 i 

7 - rc 7 

i*tiC.*). c >■* 



trouti^ "'yt /t/-*i- ^'(>>4( & <pvk 

outf -Jtffi 3*A, <Xi 



trO^jl A> /J^ 

-H ."» 

<£ "■ ^Auf^Xu/y^^CroA 




Ot^X. l^&U-i'-Ui fV* H&.U J/'jLl /f£<? 4s* d. 


i (.am *i kin ^t*is;tbU»*> 

J iu.i 



&*k A*~ 




V 7 


*?A <tltrnß» J hiUL* ^ <>~^ ",*m4. 

IT* ^K tqtd.,. 
...trtrotr 71m roam 

3:n nnai 



Herbert and Sylvia 


Frank and Adeline 
Petach Tikva 

DD1133 jin yam 1 ; onmnra i»n 

>rm VV>J riJ>TV 


' ") n) o»n 

Have pleasure in inviting you 
to celebrate the marriage oj their children 


hn omo "3 '3W ova n">N o»pjinw 
8.8.83 (j"ov/rn ,^n n"-0 -iin) 
P"rpy D>^\yn' iiivNt? t"> njyy 

anya 6: 15 nywa o»pnn nainn 

on Monday, August 8, 1983 
at 6:15p.m. 

til the 1 lolyland Hotel, Bait I 'egatt, Jerusalem 

Vamn n'n*ivn«iji 


innn mn 

/r/njMfM« laewenberg, Kaplan M.. PetaA I Qtva, Israel 

mpjvnjia .'iii l^ap 'm ,nu3) nnauo - oviarc 

J. . Jaffa 


#-~x^ -£&-■ 

i«ar Dr. Loewenberg, 

38 Ml er ton Clote, 

Cheltenfcc: , lo - , 
0L51 5SB 

19th Haren, 1984 

It re.illy was a joyful :aomcnt whe- I saw your handwriting on t.10 
envelope t'.ie other day. I hüd feared that I would never hesx fron you 
again, though I fully SBdantaad that ana baa to curtail one's aotlvit 
at our aga. I am pleased to hear that the Dachau series fudai tot you 
as it does me. At tno mooier.t I am tryin to translate it. I ui tt» ■ fov 
of Piy friends and relatives aaii n a t raad Canaan. It is inter: stir that 
you have memories of la. erben, «na tie Wallach«. That your motho 
was nee Bau and that there mi ht be a connection with my late fri finds 
ileinhoW end Julie Rau, T discovered years a^o, when you started sen 
me the dates for your family. I refrained from mention? n_ it bee 
thought it was going too far to follow it up. outlays, aftor ban 
worked in family research for a aonaiderabla tine, 1 colic to tiie conclu- 
sion t at we are all somehow - : led. T ha. no idea that our t ther 
wrote be . .B.I. tu ra sepiai of his work? 

As you knou, your t>0:i Profesucr ir&nk, has taken over from you tiie 
toaious task of heeplb , me up to date regardin family aewa. I b/ 
lotter from hJm la July 1903 in which ho my varaian of your 
pedirxee with that of a manusaript padigme, pparanl pted by 

Franz Bnbt| I do oat know vhaa. It differs here and there fror.' rcy version 

your son, wanted me tc tail hia which of the two wao n.ore accurate. 
I did not (alia knew what to do about it, as Professor Trank 'r.qucries 
ware discussed lietwson me and Jranz Braht long a t>. 

There voj« tv.'o options oper to me, either to t;-nore your son's 
Questions or to arswer ther' one by one to the best of my ability, leaving 
it to hiia to decide which is the more hccuri-te version. In the i 
decided "for -poi-.teritj'a scire" to answer hie queries in detail, on 2nd 
February 1984. Since them I haven't heard from him. I hope he didn't 
mind ne putt.i-ij him r:.,;ht h<;re and there I 

fo fax tbare ^rt only a few ix*w entrieti aau corrections to ue a/..ded 
to your cony in 19^4. i*> you want me to give tue details you you, or o:ily 
to Irofc nk? 

limber of your relatives do not keep in touarh with 
but I hoi« t rill. o keep 1 : : 

ith r-vory good wish for you and ;-'rs. taawanbar . 

Yours very aiaeen ly. 

BN . DJ -Oiv , 

- 12 - ^.continued from p.>) 1 


Bernhard Jaffe (well, known timber merchant of .Posen; 1 
b. 1624 in ocbwersenz I 
d. 188b in bosen I 
m. bertha Pincus (enpaped April 18i>$) I 
b. I 




noritz Jaffe \ I 
b. 1öbb in bösen \ I 
d. in berlin \ I 
m. relizia öchaps I 
b.28. 6.1869 in Breslau I 
a. deported to Theresienstadt on 17.6.1942 I 
Descendants see p. 29 I 

£..2.3 • ' 


Dr.jur. Joseph Jaffe I 
b. -16i>7 in Posen 

m. . Anna Kronthal in June 188b in Posen I 
b. 16.4.1862 in Posen (dauehter of Gustav & I 
d. Marie Kronthal, nee I 
descendants see p.30. Kantorowic*) 



• 3- 

i-rof nax E. Jaffe I 

b. 1860 in Posen 

d. 1909 in Berlin (accident) 

m. werther I 

t>. in Berlin I 
bescenoants see p. 35' 



br. jur.Kichard „affe 
b.1b- 2.1861 in Posen 
d. 1. 7.1920 in berlin 
m. hose Lehmann 


d. deported to Theresienstadt 
bescendants see p. 32 



Ludwig Jaffe (may be in the wrong place) W 


d. young 



Carl E. Jaffe (may be in the wrong place) 



d . 

Dr.jur. Georg S. Jaffe 
b.16. 4.1866 in Posen 
d .after 1933 in Eerlin 
m. - 


Descendants see p. 33 



Mathilde Jaffe 

b. 1867 in Posen 

d. 1943 in Eerlin 

m. Dr.jur. &ugen Fuchs in 1889 in Posen 

b. 1856 in Silesia (Koschentin) 

d. 1923 in berlin 
Descenaants see p. 34 

<#**, Ju u -IcMi, 

0*,. ^UtXy II tfu* <j>+iu<io<.*Myihs /VicTu* +ayM b'-i1* 

E~0 trti'v, . a he* Q.u4 ■■ /«X&. A** fi tt-n* **'■ th~ ■ iS j'^t. 
**<Wr: 7 U, I o. - 7 it* la. 

tg CCrttdivl ■£*-■' &L. h^'t c'rUi-mtirf) - Aul * > > < i teilet**. 
-*nJ-iii üt~i i\la.ylnj .•*'& tJu oOUtfOta*.. 

y*alf4uA (_ tu yLnet-uii i<LCt><J\ aifdtu* <■* K;».r,» - 

itirut , .,V .xu^ rf twi t>lc.» i 4 {n-^u HSUtU *. tftAzu 


ti-l^ -*U. t/n -Til^,. 

i "f 


* • M\H' ,VO<uU- 

« t*A04+ 4-<.<n,W iXc »id a&^/t - *rt- I***- /Utt-. 



/\ V ~'(tA*i 

lU <m< 


(It C*H.\A. IT-' 


o< Acut 

i-Ki^U 4..U ■ .xO.Cc i (uu 

'~V U\ '. -t. few/ 

""<«.. r+CCt. 





t u.< Cein/i'j*c*it trtuxt t/Vwa 

<}wiü 4.U. 


I'i .,/. 



**> &<jl u <r «zu* ■»^(■.fu, 


-«*/ L&lMUi, 


,, '*V "* /,L> ^ Äl * /C*''<**^^< ~» ^ *4**" 


fv***/. A*- /i^-^C --KP k« r*» Ct>*Aj<\I<A 




<^t a>^\ j., 


77 #*' 

- a /lAt-itm ÖJ*/" 

"Unwtt ItUh Im ll.i. — a^ji tAjif"i,i,„ i!x,-i 


<Y /Ia^» 

<i wj-t*. <nv> iwiMArtr \un *tl> 



J. . Jaffa 

mBt Loewenberg, 
35 Vernon St. 405 
Brookline, MA 02146 

tlierton Close 

-Ungton, Glos 

11th June, 1984 

Dear Mr. 4 Mrs. Loewenberg, 

It was so kind of you to give me the good news, and I want to 
: congratulate you on the birth of three greatgrand- 
children. You are such a closely knit f 

•ure aa it doesn't apply in my case. You will be pleased to 
that your son, iTofessor Prank, gave me the exact dates even 
before you did. So 1 entered them into the family tree straight- 
away. I was particularly pleased, and almost relieved, that your 
son wrote me such a nice letter. I had fe red that I night have 
offended him by the last letter I had written to him. But he says 
rote him a "very ."ood letter" - so all le well. 

^»•ewenberg, I admire your handwriting and fluent 
I also appreciate that you always teach me something new 
in your letters. This time, it was the meaning of the first names, 
which, as you ri/;htly r-ssumed, soun<: very stmnge to me. My 

.ledge of the Hebrew language is unfortunately inüul'ficient for 
i-eaearch work I am doing. I can read printed Hebrew letters 
but not the handwriting. I think it ic the "old schoolmaster" in 
you - that's how you called yourself in one of your letters - that 
makes you ypoi at explaining things. 

lao admire that you and Mrs. Loewenberg can still travel 
about. For ■ fly to Clej/veland, Ohio, or even to Israel as 
you did las' I am not as mobile as you are, fnd have to stay 
put all the yea: . My eyesight is deteriorating rapidly, and 

ve to dictate this letter jbi instead of writin,; it mysej . 

ver, my head is still in good working order and I am thankful 
for that. 

I am expecting my Houston family this summer, the first to come 
will be my nephew's eldest s> , who was 18 in January t 

■ and just finished Bellaire High School. He was elected a member 
of tl :lety and will start reading Comparative 

Literature at Berkeley Univerai I . jrnia, this Autumn. 
is obviously not following in his father's footsteps, but more on the 
Arts side, as myself . I am looking forward t 

en he iz in this country. I sow e almost 4 

years ago, ana he n hanged a great deal. He va: 

drawn at that time, As far as I know, my nephew and his wife will 
visit me in the second half of July. Their younger son, Alex, is 
16 and still at sohool. He will attend the summer se:.-ion of Andover 

1, near Boston, thia su m sure " )1 is well known 
to j 

for setting out the dates and details on a separate 
I feel very tempted to send your sheet to Hein* 
Getting« who doesn't seem to understand fully how my method of 

S" ° n v^ faEdly tree WOrk8 ' He dld »oaethln,.; odd when 

ild, Chana Baum, was born in 1979. Instead of .-Jding a 

IZ.ZT u &he ' Vi ^ d a neW ^ H4 l r*™ ther ' °™^ I -rote t 

hear frTy^u r: i n: th ' ^ ^ *"*' "* **" ^ ^ ^ * 

Yours very sincerely, 


Ear Ilan University Ofrc^aQWo-TfK^ 
Ramat San, Israel 

July 12, 1933 



::ra. J. I. Jaffe 
38, Atherton Close 

rdington G1 51 5 SB 
Cheltenham/CJlos . 

Dear Mrs. oaffe, 

I want to acknowledge with thanks receipt of one copy of the Jaffe 
Family Tree (Rabbi K. Jaffe Pedigree). You may not know it, but I 
have had a "bootleg" copy of an earlier edition for several years. 
However, I am delighted that I now have a "le^al" copy and one that 
} s right up-to-date . 

Some years ago my cousin Heinz Oettinger of Kiryat Bialik (with whom 

I believe you have been in contact) shared with me the canuscript 

prepared by Franz Braht (£.., most recent address 2055 Porter 

Avenue, Wichita, Kansas 67203 USA). On the basis of his material 

I noted a number of "different versions" — I hesitate to call these 

corrections since I have no way of assessing which information is 

more accurate. But you, no doubt, can easily decide whether thise 

data add anything to the information you already have. *JT A-tyt^-n^A-^ 

2 Karous <.lias Jaffe d. 14.12.42 °" r '£' ( u <^4l *-**■ ^^- lm - 
Mirel Lipschitz d. 3.6.47 9 «~**>*« * J »* U "" d 

211 Braht suggests that both blies and rhilip were the /^vs#-&>w*\ 
children of Marcus Jaffe. 



P. 3 

- 214 Emma b. 18.4.37 
E 215 Fanny d. 14.1.17 

10 E 2152 Ernst Bruehl 


.64 (before Selma) '**^ 1 g&ZgS^^ , 
-»asienstadt (Braht writes "gassed" but* to 
the best of my knowledge there was^ crematorium 
in Theresienstadt) t^leuj <fe& u ^^ A ^*~^ Mj Tj%- L ^Ci 

24 B 21511 Brail Erat* d. 7.12.46 3 *Uu>^ *J. r^p/^a^ f£^^$f^?l 

hi i f- ■yt.-i, 'S'J 4f • '?- 


55 E 215111 Fred Werner Brat/ b. 7.9.^5 1*™"%- % 

98 B 2151112 Emily 3a le Braht b. 19.10.59 t * r * v ~3' 

99 E 2151122 Sheldon Horowitz b. 9.10.61 ?#>**A ?(*~* 



I. C- l* ÖO 

In addition there are two minor corrections on p. 116: h, t^+gjl ., 
my son-in-law Yigal (E 2141214) was born in Rehovot, Israel (not 3an ^avn?)^^^ 
the correct s.ellinj of their son's name is Amitai. 7-^-«^^- V-" 1 """ ' ^" 

Finally, you note in your "Summary" that the latest version has 124 
but my copy has only 120 numbered pages. Am.: Lag satethin^? 

I hope that * i s material may be some use to you. At leap* you will know 
that there are members of the Jaffe clan who take your work seriously and 
appreciate it. Many thanks. Sincerely yours, / /J 

/F r *, 4 /-- >71a>-^.*/-e/*. /.o«v*«*c-C 

4yu>rt*- ^** druiri /H4.0*, sft ^„jt a*a if&u. *■ cunt to k*o~r <Uc±t tM *Cfc 

6o.«v r<t.M 7"4««**"»- ! 7 Cmcif, j /<? g*//*^: 2 , 1ku.(*wm iT Ata»*»". ^ 

«lZT^^ u ~r~*W*'«'- ^^^JoL uJT 

>tu^ crwvtZt s 

•-A **</. 


f<-'f(t, . Jr w-.«^.. A. A ^ ^ f fa 

t"* f**** }•>*»? .-*•.**. 

fine OiM. c«< Mt>/Wlii 

ß *<-t~ Ol -ÜmT npL^ql Sii'.te.-* iie^AaL At matte«**-: P^tt*. Aot.*4«.klri,cUClA) , 

Ir-inu Ja-<.U-^ftt^,i^'y4) f tU fori 7*coln £**"'JuU>kcr> t Mi) , Ann- 7»t Sun tU <-, - »/* v\ 

» tU.fA<*r Jf JVMtc* Aet+ukVf - c fort*.) - «* Äikm^H^h ( HJ-dd^*) f t%.tfiu~*M+> ffc/A), 

■it i\ ihCV^^AÜ-Kj. air OKA, n,o4 ZkaC a*. ka.\/<- k? Ci7i«r>t<l^r> CU LpV> *f- 

•Jju^a'v, <*n*( /i^*r.MK 

e.lo- NiCK Ui. <v£»n-ot£" ,n»'i''Hfci>/<. 


-Sa-wi B.'moUa- ß t&u, > heu* - /,oi* tii. ,*tiu.feXc at> 

«7-u4 trcUtW t ffAä^o^^Cr^ of 6. v f eH Zuhört oUn^, äu llyuin. *v<."m Ki.** - 
f***-'Jy, **0«y, ^-w*t* s/u^u.«- aw< ^^ CfflU^yuK 

.A*+ /V y 'fry ; $f,<ii,; iL*:»* /./Me* t ^<<tjw- AM.:»*. L>\/A/£ti 


fi. hH'.U. Crbu,M 1 ahyptj bU. fcMOl-^f^i •roLk v< y tu f wi'ft ft-*uJr-n <LUi>u. o* 

J***Ojl\ Kv^ytrOC M AuC^h 

{fü/niU AuM. fufa*>'vi4 .■kUjfUuui - tout **'ft tiu. •/ cum» 0/ 
OW. *uir - JhHU. Ajxvc 4 tuff.* y ud y^ - UUh, aupc»*, 
tt<JL Jjrtk. at tltu* jbUzs KcvlOam* <*** eu«. ^*^<Ain< Qrtfa- 

Otud j^ UM- bfafl C<-<~lM CMJ>tMy Cut »CiA Iftur 

*kc »,& aM {AkUJL fa* -ithrflt Jnunu*. /utjrtc 
<\uA AtAtnt i>L-iC<c,ul4- fo kill ifoiM H-euaUdiU. kleii CtUCtmülf 
hrlti tU. AUu/ -UiayuOoti QcuU Ml*/ J~*liu. 

Q*A cm*.*, JU*jff& C*r4n u* ßatue-s A'** JM Uua 

A/LU&AAik " /»<* mhttk. u\ ttofr aIj. X/nt If he, OiutVU JU.V\ 

O^ei- tod- ■U.^O. *tt cauu. - />c -tic wjuku &J. fat. icitu mcu. 
** '■ r )C Butt Itm- <UlU<r<- /h/jkUhTUM, 6C^SU4 tl 4u t +~ — 

"* Aüti * Mid* ^w^t kw *•»'« $"**'' 4** ** "j«»«£ W.'«<: 

<*4 hM& id ha.rtvJZ znHl-Au.tM.dr.- 


Jx*^ hn^iM 

/e* ve«*. *UC 6*^"-*' 


Vuli , 







ly/(vX^6 ^^- /wq~^ ^&<. 



C'C-v-cxd^, .-t, — tfc^ 




* ^ 

ei-->-^_ ^»^ 


«^<_-£t_ ^ft<*-c^c<-i^»-u-i^~'-^v. 


^^J>C^£^J2,» / Ct-<^_, 

^-c-v-c y^r- /W. /o**v^-|Xt>{ ^*J^L -&4C-4. Hsujy^*_,[ y s- 


A^* <JZ^r 

•~§~ /* 


O«^ 1 ^^^. 



-La-v-^ ^-l-v-t. 

LvX^^ k&i-^^ 



t^l«6w- C^Ov^- 




-t/j-^r- sw~ M^. ^£~<^C'6^4. «^ 


-I^CAt-v- . 



r< ^^V a-' 

XtCv^vt^j ' 

35 Virnon St. Apt- 405 
Brooklin«, MA 02146 

?■> JPR 

fan Im. J*.^ t 

IS AtLirto» CA 


USA 36 


® Second (old 







Landsat views the Earth. 

Additional message area 


■(** UU>% s *i 


fyiKCXi, tjfsr 



> Utt iiA. 

r~ 1 

opA. *tet<- (A*.k jt< AkiaUiC 6»iuOi*r 

Vc fiuUil^ &i.»<T «ff*. H-0<-h AA»7 Ott nA*r: f ~*'*f"*til.**a~' t^Lft- <%.*■* M^utf 

fab. 0*k iU+*tr tU. HrHnkAL 




>t -K. 

,Usn. AaJ. &**■ 


Oi, v*4 /j~*v» 1 1 r*it-t^ 

tlm, x*. 

T u ,,, , . ' * r 


til Ä<i.d A? 

1 -•««.»&. 

^Au-cU. Ott* rSA+<U- 6r>7. va'j^cc GrtAc 

\-U*t. , f„ ■O.rc,, 

*}'■«], - <u^^ ^ i^ ^ Mvty ^ ^ ^ 



.h« R~tk 



' ««ä/fti,'^,*. 

*Ji^U 4. Z*/,. 

**1ft«*.(Mt. 'H*,*^ 


'*"'<***. iH.\ 


C**H-'.H oC*v 


/«o». <. 4««. (=n,k /^ 


"ywäl''..^ J<U 

krU<XcJ,as- /o tu. t 


^■«UUt. 7u 

*^" G t-O'U^'Ut, 

*<*°Xu*.^ fa 





" t "«** Vdu CUy Co^tz, 

*~*"* ^^^A,^ 




"<»t iSSuCi 


°y- (%.*& 







j*^ ^U, 


*<? f'tfUr. 4f^ 








'"* «4* &i*<r^XL 


«« <*<%. 


<^Ul Vtlu 

*<*yc*U £^4^^ v, 

UjrJttr Ocfl^UO.^ 


«< itrA^C. 








Shurain ;ton, . 

Dear D . fcM Aoevtenbex 

,ou very mach for your very kind letter 


yourl-raol v illne.. of Crete's -i 

INO tlt>. Mtel »V« » 

, lay in Ae» York. 1 • «» 

, e not to 

he «8 dying. 1 
.parent could be fulfilled. •« 

I M into .y our f Ll; - *• 

, D mentioned o 

P-ln-lw'« cor baa eorsened, I "J 

I k„c ■ - rortie8 

. 09fl that mean that .vou have to o 

t to Philadelphia, ao,? I ■ ry that ot 

sparea BOJ e. 

:s fox your appreciative ,ords a, bo q compilat- 

, Ll] tree. You call »y work 
trink, an accural 
x tan effort I la la Just i rt, not 

... ifflcultloo la a ehi lGO 

I • cfectioi - b *" 

; , cnri: . oul rinanolo.1 • " i_ 

tude towarda vox i 

ate* a family waa ioi ■* - ■ ^ r ' er 

- ■« their chrono] »ger. 
Life »of, I worry who »111 tact »vex Ca 

will solve Wila ' ^ e 

a battel ehanoe oi 

any more »rtho it8 

loalaw Jar ■ cen ~ 

B aaslmll-.-ced ° keen 

to De r Jewifn ano« 

I rotable told you before, I Lt oil xn the 

ves of bb. Leo Baaok Inetitate ^ f 

,1 - Lit« 
M -oik and ... , left At 

, ?a . is i3 a eonol > disappoint- 

merit fcr r.e, because Bhe r norc efficient than her ireuccessors. 
There vas d~cl cf muddle I »fore her tine r.r,u i cm- only hope 

rchives will not! : sin with net od; Im. 

- i sh and 

version - • r -Pi pi . private 

criii&n book- 
let ' LUi-u^i..o..e 'erlag' 

. . . b the 

10 out .1 think 

; d oe inters - - o jo tore of your 1 

family who ot re " ::. ease let me know if OU ant 

co i . inflation was a mental *nd emotionas strain I could have 
I re a lot of trouule < itr. its publication, too. 

1 I am t, . 1 ^ 1 M;er by 

Mr Ernst L Locwcnbcrg 
35 Vernon St «405 
Brookline MA 

QL ft r S B 


(2) Second fold 




Landsat views the Earth, 

iiuuiiai nieäidye area 



C,r»u <W6 f"<*L oCJ-y-but t tUtr ««* «*« *^ k ° ^H- 
SuJt. *• <(■"*■< Attn* *<**«; ttMjC ok°L*u}t- dUaJLmM. (Tu- <*> AtU-rx.6a.ry. Äfi. 
A&+ ku^fuu. nrttir«, /iCUfü -Ctn- w k£c du.cC/Ltit. -**<■ u**{*ik;.*uM*tT*X. 
<ht-ps.caj~ to Im. «^*v«< "** flffvuMliLi*^ 3 Uad. «*&+<*./> *fc*, J+yecc~ &*■ > c { 

oWciU? tL. nM-%UtAC *u'4u. eV Ztvt. <v tUfcti'tru. fc-o-f ,/>lr~nu4 ^* I * M fr i 'X ^ 
/*{<. AaX. Aniv. /L*/cr<. . ow* tJtOTt,. Uv.Hr irutL. U, L r Jbi. C*U« Ac , S/-fmtrt / — 

" **•" >^MMUki^Ls aM a, ^ ce-Ut<JTOM. rt. f~et.t*x T At *v*4aL Iim. h> S*<-/A. 


ft» ^ ft* 

-^««^ «****► ftfc* 

^tXcarc (AC+JtUt* AuU fHlf'+igtb/fui-Ky 


irc-u. 4c, 


^ w *y, „^ ^ ^ 


' «""^ *<*<<i .Aa*»- 

«W 4rOw6;, . ^ 

'&fr-/*4> A ' 7.^0- 

**<~A '--.-'*?,« 

/'«^ /^to ,4^-4*, turh/^tu. 


%-ou, ['ifou >*t/^»Ttt a*t 

« £>£ t~ C 4*ILH 

*** ^tihUiiu. «** 


f"o4t a&tu Oc&.^e.' 





it Vi* 


V M "' i "'*<ki iuutyuur - 


£ <*«£ v^x*, ^iv <i<t&* 4^ 

'it-4xt x*r, w, t is*. 



j">« CHU. kl-ttfuut^f Ji^tudi 

fy »,/ftf 


Ernst - 


arete Loewenberg 

August 1985 / 



The day 

3 Of - 

".we ?re ?-prc~ching - 


ir ov.t +*~--~^-i-- • 

,»^N V%«WlQrivV\ftV 1 

a year 


second half darkened 



The loving 


of our 

boys and their families was an ever present 


The year started with a visit of our Philadelphia^ family - almost 
a tradition now. We spent Sukkoth with them. Our usual routine 
continued - guests from out-of-town - guests from our Boston crowd - 
a few concerts, some movies. Over Thanksgiving Ruth was here. She 
had been hospitalized in spring and we thought that the radiations 
had cured her. In December Jakob, Tamar and Orli name frnm Milwaukee, 
Yael and Shira from Philadelphia. We had acquired hearing aids and 
find them very helpful around the table with guests - much less in 

The New York cousins worried about Ruth's declining health. When 
she saw her doctor at the end of Februaryshe was told that the lung 
cancer had spread to the liver. Ruth knew that her days were numbered. 
As everything in her life, she also took this as a matter of fact. 
Her only wish was to die in her apartment. Anita - just recovered 
from an open heart surgery - was indefatigable and efficient in 
helping her friend and cousin. She found a wonderful warmhearted 
woman who took care of Ruth. The love, friendship, flowers, mail 
and phone calls o^rwhelmed Ruth. We went to New^ork to see her 
almost every week. Ruth was able to spend Pesah with the family in 
Philadelphia - we saw her weakening from day tc day, but she relished 
every good moment, especially the visit of Naomi und Mike Baum with 
their families.--. 0e died on May 15th. We put hejÄo rest next to her 

On the same day -May 15- Betty had to undergo a serious operation. 
New metastases had shown up. She will be on crutches for 6 months. 
So far tests have been encouraging. In her unsurpassable bravery 
she went back to her office at the Jewish Federation after a few days. 

Benjy's Barmitzwah took place on June 1st as planned for a long time. 
Benjy did a fine job, he also spoke. Joseph explained the Torah section, 
and in the tradition of their synagogue, Betty -hobbling on her crutches 
gave the closing prayer. The Milwaukee family, Herb Jacob and family, 
the Bridgeport — Hartford families and friends had come. 

Grete had complained about increasing back ache in Philadelphia 
already. A. severe sciatica developped that put her flat on her back 
for 6 weeks. She is very slowly on her way to recovery. The unex- 
perienced "houseboy" had to learn a lot! 

Family news: Naomi stopped teaching College, opened an office as 
child psychologist. Chaim and Yigal graduated from Bar Ilan. 
Yigal and Axisa will move to Sde Eliyahu where he will teach at the 
Regional High School. Yael graduated from Perm and will go to Columbia 
Graduate School. In July Tamar, Jakob and Yael were in Israel to 
celebrate Arie and Sabine Gil's Golden Anniversary. 

May the new year bring Health and Peace to all. 

c IraveL. the perfect fneedoiti 

*&« J. £. J*<£ 

■IS A&u.?^ ci Citi 


cl 47 r \>s 




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tt OJ- 

-y -^- >-u. ceut^tt-e ,y , _ . 



/Oa Kv^oclAit da* O0A 

rt\o*c± zuda^tfu, ut ^ *OaJ ^Ä 

^o ^evuq ^U ^UAd uu*d daß <ku Ube* ^UUjA^/^i 
U so sflLc/ qfc * -oi- fo ^ selfes* ^Ui w aW^ci 

beicWci/Ok «wjoU auf dUiL Arb^jl aiA dflAA S\cx^wfoa^ Ufl 

yvuy /lüh^ooAd ak*ißW&vi Kcu/ua D'fcUUA o.'.^f JcU^W ^-J 1 ^ 
Jjhwbtu\ -fur wicJU, de/ew IfcjuUtscl* u *^ ju^oU-f 

J lkl SöW i rai^fc' hat i/vu/ KuudUcU ctf UcULu/ 

*%>miaa McW &ef ou^ie voia IW* \qe^ UattiL. IcU 

a^cVc-u; ... ° 

ukZftAcJksaA , .icxwai lAASlAAv, da£ \cU 

/MvAfi-v .jew vSi« b^icU irwdt AvO^aj^iJhdUiCfiAi di^vOCjQ. , LUAd ko£fe 
C] ret i a lAJificW he ' ieUt i -lü 

1835 -Mark 1 

35 «EBON «06 
BRC0KL1NE H» 02H6 

•• I came in with Hallc/s Comet 
in 1835. It is coming again next 
year, and I expect to go out with 
it. It will be 
the greatest dis- 
appointment of 
my life if I don't 
go out with Hal- 
ley's Comet. •• 


• H 

4>« / E. J*ffc! 

So u i-oii'-ttt. to -n 
Gittert, a* / 6/ei 







© Second fold 






"vain • 1910 HaUey's Comet • 1985 

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f 1 

lw r ; - c ( ~^o L-, ^v » n-=^ ^ I U^H i — o-O" y 

X Üv>-" 

.ü^ <^cAl 





9C(W- <£* 




JU^r- -llt^j 


<K.£rur- /•v-C«, 


^tc^cC y^r t^u^r- fi 


4^*-J- ^ L^_ 

^W ^uZ^ 


~~ ^M. 

1 tt-0 , 


< ^vo *• AU. 






^w '£ L 



«^^ a 





f; r~r 


«-*< «^ * xdl-. 



^d^ l^Z^y 



C ^-f 

183b J 

E L Lo«w«ob«r| 
35 V«mon »405 
Brookllne MA 



•• I came in with Hallc/s Comet 
in 1835. It is coming again next 
year, and I expect to go out with 
it. It will be 
the greatest dis- 
appointment of 
my life if I don't 
go out with Hal- 
ley's Comet. •• 


^1. u X £. J+ffJ 

<^«4sz*W I Clot 

6i 5~t sr-se 


© Second fold 




rk Twain ■ 1910 Halley's Comet ■ 1985 

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xeuosjad ^s?g 


•S8HSTM poo3 xxe pue spae3ea 

•J-[8d.ino.£ J° SJBO Z'Aß% 0% anUf^UOO 8SB9T,£ 

•anooo jCaiu 

'lit« nox *Pimo puooss 3XU Suf^osdxs st 'ni-;eqo 'uos pam^ 
ano 'asqiu9AOj| af pixy •su^aade Am jo gjon aas o^ soueyo e 





Ijy I, l fSl 

4 «A#C/ 



MuvXpff*. J4&* ex»'-- ft 


4? 4f*i<_ Cfi6*J 

<*Mt40rit+. #1. Uvc **~f CU J^ir cvCt.lX'-n.&f- - &* <£*"U- /<* »"«* 



AxjL to* 


ko*ii.. Fri»i.X*ut ce+>e~ 

■/tv 10 ßiM, fnr^ F(..\tj£ , &f CUrcAtk*/. UoulMm f^kcHLL Uf-d- /r!<* 

h iM/jt^u - L*,£o*d 

tf -flyuf <«uL 

4. WW 






"o >«k. - eu iiK hh u^ <y aw - *v< ^. t«w »^ *»•<» — 



•/4**f<r<- Ctfvato*. fc^fu A J,tu *l c ^uMUJy 6iX e*. J^^ZZ 


°~- >>(. K^ut-Kr^t^i cV - CU,*, OUL-i*,*. 


"l^-f £U*M. ***«', /WUav. £ u j^ 



f-X^ci ***. Ktnc n <UiiL 


<l M*wUt &">ui. ML**. A> 

6/t^i. 04tM f tsMvlyt 

yoM \^ehi t 

&<Ulo»*.cOI XU&l 6**4.' 

»"*<&, - M'okc c^.^nt'o^^ tHAt-ltgZ 

J i 


o»'U Co*. , 


•*£ /9tf4«^r> 


&TW </*Ut* 



/>. ft 

Dear Mrs. Jaffe, 

It was great to be able to participate in my Father's 
90th birthday festivities. He Is in amazingly good shape, 
as is also my Mother. Together they manage very well 
and I shall leave tomorrow with an easy heart. 

I do hope that you are continuing to manage. I can well 
underatand that you want to remain in your own housing as 
long as possible. 

We are expecting a number of changes in the next few months. 
In August we will move to J erusalem where we haev bought 
an apartment. Our daugh ter Alisa is also expecting her 
third child. In oepremoer, my wife and * will come for a 
year's sabbatical leave to Boston. This will give us a 

S. I. I. H- i \ Hi 

" ■'•■UU Ccl, n 

LH*. Ifc 7 tm. ^ , 

Mr. & Mrs. E.L. Loewenberg, 
55 Vernon, Apt. 4-05, 
MA 02146 


Liierton Close, 
GL>1 5 

1btn July, 1986 

letters, dated 17th June and 2nd July, 
that you both survived the birthday 
lv too well how tiring these occasions 

must be. I also know what it means 
and to walk with a stick. I myself 
3ince yesterday I am trying out a 
on wheels with brakes, which is supposed 
side my flat. 

Dear Grete, dear Ernst, 

Many thanks for two 
1986. I'm happy to know 
celebrations. I know on 
can be and how tired you 
to be in continual pain 
U6e dow two sticks, and 
so-called 'house chair' 
to get me from A to B in 

that the celebrations seem to be over it's time to set 
down to business. I had an invasion of some young members of 
mv Texas family which didn't allow lie to do any work. Eventually, 
tell your son, J. how -Tossed I was that he -dded his own 
news to "our 2nd July letter. There will be quite a lot of changes 
in Frank's life in the near future. Would you kindly let no have 
.rank's now .- ddress in Jerusalem as well as hin Boston adarese, 
once he starts his sabbatical year in U.S.A. I'n sure that either 
you yourself or Frank can let me have the dates for Alisa a 
and Chaim's babjes when the time comes. 

v thanks for letting me have tne date and ,,'lace of death 
for Hilde Colin, Margot*« young« niater. I shall write to 
as soon ar ble. Grete kindly reported the date of death 
for i, artin Oettin,-er, Anita's sou, but sae forgot to tell me where 
he died. Kin ily look up page 42 and you will realise that the 
information aoout Martin Paul 0. is very sc-nty. t remember that 
Grete kindly got it with difficult} for ue frou. Anita, who was at 
the tim* very depressed ar feed to forget the t. I 

am afraid that the death of her only son will not have made nor 
less depreeBed. Maybe you or >rete can fill the v ps o ^, 
for instance the surname and date of birth for Martin's second 
wife*xxMiMiiR. I should like to add these details on my master 
copy. I entered the dates for both Hilde Gohn and Martin Paul O. 
strai - ThaiiK you. 

As you know, I agree with you that the difficulty of carrying 
on with my work after my death is insurmountable. I can guarantee 
that I sh-ai do iry best to keep my work up to 3 I 

live and I know that you will do the same wit^ tJ enoerg 
pedi ree. Do not worry about the Kruskals not sending birthday 
greetings. They ore f> uite iirpcs.=ible and I Ions stopped bothering 
about then. They never answer a letter or do what they promise 
to do. By the way, old Herbert Kruskal is com; letelj ser.ile and 
his wife is also au invalid, but has her wits about her. They both 
live in Israel nov and leave it to me to sort out their by now 
27 erand children i.' With the Storks I never was in personal contact 
myself and why Heinz O.'s sister and children do not oven know my 
adari sr I ean*t explain. Heinz himself had a vast correspondence 
with ne until his death. 

od wish and kindest re.ards to be ou. 

burger Abendblatt 


Donnerstag, 28. August 1986 

Empfang für jüdische ehemalige Hamburger 

Prof. Ernst Loewenberg (I.) aus den USA- neben ihm seine Frau Margarete und Senator 
Wolfgang Curllla - ist mit 90 Jahren der Senior der jüdischen Gäste foio brumshagen 

„Ihr Schicksal ist 
nicht vergessen" 

Der Medizinprofessor 
aus New York drückte of- 
fensichtlich die zwiespälti- 
gen Empfindungen vieler 
Gäste aus. „Sie haben uns 
wirklich wie Könige be- 
handelt. Trotzdem kom- 
«en wir nicht darüber hin- 
ii\. daß der Anlaß dieses 
5hen Treffens ein trauri- 
ger war", sagte Prof. Dr. 
Adolph Wolferman gestern 
bei dem Empfang und 
Essen im Rathaus für jüdi- 
sche ehemalige Hambur- 

Es ist die zwölfte Gruppe 
dieser früheren Mitbürger, 
die auf Einladung des Se- 
nats nach Hamburg ge- 
kommen ist 

Die meisten dieser „Ehe- 
maligen" leben heule in 
Israel, die andere Hälfte 
der Gäste ist aus den USA, 
aus Südamerika und Süd- 
afrika angereist. 

Aus Boston (USA) kam 
Prof. Dr. Ernst Loewen- 
berg mit seiner Frau Mar- 
garete. Der 90jährige, der 
die vor mehr als einem 
Jahrhundert von seinem 
Vater gegründete Loewen- 
berg-Schule an der Johns- 
allee leitete, sagte: „Ei- 
gentlich sollten wir uns 
alle aus alten Zeiten ken- 
nen. Aber wir haben uns 
im Laufe der Jahre etwas 
verändert." In seinem 
sonst eher heiteren Rück- 

blick stellte er auch fest, 
Erinnerungen könne man 
nicht vererben. 

Loewenberg sagte „die- 
sem jungen Justizsenator" 
an seiner Seite als dem 
Vertreter der Stadt Dank. 
Senator Wolfgang Curilla 
(der 44jährige hat übrigens 
die Lichtwark-Schule, an 
der Loewenberg ebenfalls 
unterrichtete, besucht) be- 
gründete die Einladung an 
die jüdischen Mitbürger 
so: „Wir wollen damit ein 
Zeichen der Versöhnung 
und des guten Willens set- 
zen - und auch ein Zei- 
chen, daß wir Sie und Ihr 
Schicksal nicht vergessen 
haben." rup 

Überlebt „Kanzelmeyer"? 

Hoffnung für die traditionelle Gaststätte in der Innenstadt 

..Dann müßte ich eben dichtmachen 

Das Gebäude gehört dem Kaffee- Rosler 
Tchibo. wird von der Tchibo-Tochter 
Elbe Planungs-, Bauleitungs- und Ver- 
walt unßsgesellschaft mbH'' verwallet 
..Wir wollen die Gaststätte auf jeden Fall 
et ... t uunlli>n «jrVi im nrnalten". saeie deren Verwallunesleiter 

Gibt es doch noch Hoffnung fur „Kan- 
ttlmeyer", eine der let/ten traditionellen 
Gaststätten in der Harnburger Innen 
Stadt? Hausverwalterund Pachter des Lo 
kals, das berühmt ist für unge Gemütlich- 
keit, knusprige Bratkartoffeln und han- 



Kontert: Werke von Pureed. Haydn und 
Milhoud Es spielen Swonije Dierck. Violi- 
ne. Susanne Ebner. Violin«, Veronika von 
Steinecker, Viola. Chrisliane Kalb. Violin- 
cello In der Pause liest Katja Kümmerle aus 
„Goethes Gedanken über Musik", 19.50 
Uhr. Evangelische Akademie Nordelblen. 
Esplanade IS. Veranstalter Goethe-Ge- 

Jon, Pop, Folklore, Klaislk: Jam Setsion. 
?0 Uhr, Circle, Klosterwall 25 - Corner's 
Jazzband, 20 50 Uhr. Cotton Club. GroO- 
neumarkt SO - Swing Ltd. ♦ Bärbel Lorenz, 
20 45 Uhr, Lütt Huus. Eulenkrugsir 82, Volks- 
dort - Jennifer, 20 Uhr, Bierdorl, Mittel- 
weg 140/141 - Approximate, mit Karen 
Heitkamp & Jens Longbein. 21 Uhr, Bird- 
land, Gärlnerstr 122 - Own Swing Group. 
20.50 Uhr, Dennis' Swing Club, Papenhuder 
Str. 25 - Country ond Western with Mr. 
Hardy. 21 Uhr, Blockhütte, Gr. Freiheit »4. 

Theater Becken Abend, drei Einakter, 
20 Uhr, Kellertheoter Hamburg, Karl-Muck- 

Film: Zwei Filme zum Thema Atomener- 
gie „Silkwood" (USA 1985), 20 Uhr; „Paul 
Jacobs und die Atombonde" (USA 1978). 
22.50 Uhr, Werkstatt 5, Nernstweg 52/54, 
eine Veranstaltung im Rahmen der Oko- 
Toge in der Werkstatt 5, Veronstolter: Ro- 
bin Wood 

Vorträge: Alkohol und Partnerschaft, 
19.50 Uhr, Guttemplerhaus Böckmonnsir 
5 / 4 - Stationäre Therapie und Nachsorge, 
19 50 Uhr, Guttemplerhaus Eppendorfer 
Londstr. 59 - „Ich aber habe meinen König 
eingesetzt auf meinem heiligen Berg 
Zion " Das Königtum Davids, Ref.: P. Dr. 
Stephan Reimers. 19.50 Uhr, Evangelische 
Akademie Nordelbien, Espionode IS. 

Verschieden« t: Erfahrungsaustausch- 
Treffen für Selbsthilfegruppen-Mitglieder. 
19 Uhr, KISS-Gruppenraum, GauOstr. 21 - 
Revue Show „Welcome to hell". 21 Uhr, 
Black Morkel, Muhlenkamp 43 


Planetarium: Einfuhrung in die Himmels- 
kunde, 16 Uhr. Von Uranus zu Neptun. 18 

Kunstwanderung: Der Ohlsdorfer Fried- 
hof II, Leitung E Thormann Information 
und Anmeldung: Hamburger Studienfahr- 
ten Karl Otto Wolf. Telefon 52 76 S5 

Für Senioren: Rat und Information zv oll- 
gemeinen Fragen und zur Vorbereitung 
out das Allerwerden. 10 bis 12 Uhr. Deut- 
sches Soziolwerk (DSW) e V., Gänsemorkt 
55 II (Lessinghaus), Telefon 54 41 64 

Verschiedenes: KISS Kontoki- und Intor- 
malions-Stelle fur Selbslhilfegruppen ist 
mit 5S Selbsthilfegruppen auf der Messe 
..Du und Deine Well 1986" in den Messehal- 
len. Holle 10, („Gesundheitszentrum") im 
Erdgeschoß vertreten, (bis 7. September) - 
Auch das Hamburger Konservatorium Ist 
auf der Messe „Du und Deine Welt" venre- 
ten Einen Schwerpunkt setzt dabei der 
Fachbereich Musikalische Fruherziehung 
(Leitung Renate Petrowa) mit täglichen 
Veronsloltungen von 14 15 bis 15 50 Uhr in 
der Halle 11 


Gruppe Haken, Prag ..Tante Kloras lusti- 
ge Stunde". 10 50 und 16 Uhr, auf der Kin- 
derbuhne in den Großen Wollanlagen 


Geburtstag feiert om 28 August: Go 
bneie Wedekind (100 Jahre), Bergedorf. 
Von Anckeln-Str S Am 29 August feiern 
Lissy Kohler (89 Jahre) Allen und Pflege 
heim der Matthausgemeinde, Wmterhude, 

i I 

35 Vernon Street (# ^05) 
Erookline MA 021^6 

September 1?86/Elul 5?^6 

The sciatlc-osteoarthritls which Crete sufferer) last summer 
stayed longer than we had anticipated. An excellent physiotherapist 
a light but complete corset, a polyethylene body Jacket, and 
later three spinal injections helped somehow. It took much 
longer than we had expected. Ernst's managing the 'reuse was 
incompetent; our boys and tVieir families came to help and to 
order professional help. We also enjoyed short vitits of Chalm 
and family, Yehudah came quite often. Herb and Lynn, Welter and 
Irene, the Sinervos, Neumanns ('-'eifaj end Rosenheims (Kfer Faroe). 
Grete Improved e lot but there are quite visible limits. Our three 
boys and their families came again, and again. Frank and Adeline 
are now spending their selbaticel year in Erookline. They 
realize both parentr are weakening fast. The goodness of the 
younger families is touching -- makes every day easier, but also 

Ernst's special birthday was celebrated over many weeks. The 
Young Israel synggogue started with an early klddush. Grete 
gave a home reception or. the day Itself. Joseph and Yeel helped 
a lot. Joseph also arranged a reunion of our American family at 
Komowak at the end of J une. Frank came once more end drove us 
the long distance from Erookline to the Cetskills. Gerde Och? f 
and Esther Elnder also joined us. The four young Eaums were our 
most enjoyable fourth generation participants . 

For a week in August we went to Jim Rawkes on Esther Island which, 
after 25 years, was again reconnected with Nantucket Island, rut 
the accumulating sand messes could not resist the power of e recent 
hurricane — and the three cottages are isolated once egain. 

The Senate of the c ity of "emburg hed invited us to participate 
in the opening of the memorial exhibition of the Talmud Tora School 
where I had taught 193^-38. Grete and I were overwhelmed by the 
cordiality of our hosts and the other guests, as well as by the 
many who wanted to see us. So many helped — especially cousin 
Rudy Heymann who was one of the officials, as well as many 
Lichtwarkschule graduates. For some edditionel days, Käthe Fischer, 
a playmate of 80 years ago and a friend's widow, hed invited us. 
We have always been conscious of the fateful blow to millions of 
Jews, but we also know the small group of resistors. V.'es it 
symbolic that we had reiny weather on every day of our visit. 

A greatgranddaughter, Na'ameh Solomon, was born to Alisa end "igel 
on August 9 in -"-srael. Among those we lost during the past year 
we mention Kertin Oettinger and Kllde Hirsch. 

Good health - real peace tr all. 

*<«*< «um, *,yw.. «... ^ <^ t « w 

**•" *«^ J .:</- 



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CüO^ J^ ß^L 

Lieue ürete, lieber 

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